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  1. not the clutch you need a new tranny close ratio 1st gear on a stock 50 is worthless that,s why you probally have to start in 2 gear now matter what your setup whith tooth size 1st wont match. Takegawa sells one for about 200 bucks makes a huge difference
  2. I have a bbr kit on one of my bikes. paid for the name, same performance as the cheap stuff. Spend a little extra and get a Kitace se kit. Or spend less and get the other.
  3. I would switch to a different 3 speed tranny, fix 1 gear. then work on tooth size.
  4. I used tie raps on the side of the upper moter mount
  5. How do you like that stroked bbr? I did the same thing before it came out with a takegawa Stroker crank keihin 24 mm carb inner roter and a ultima pipe. It felt fast until you ride somthing faster. Switched to a se kit double the horsepower.
  6. To be honest its not the same as a Takegawa its china like the others althouth they use a Jap cam and my 20 mm carb and intake is a keihin. The 18 mm that came with looks lika a fake keihin.
  7. No bike 88 superpro kit cylinder piston cam big valve head I have a 18mm or a 20mm carb with intake and filter plus high volume oil pump so little use original gasket kit will work. you can see it att bbr motorsports. Its way over priced new I will sell it for less than what ever its worth otherwise it will be stored away and never used again.
  8. No problom I started out the hard way bought all the ceap stuff and the cheap expensive stuff eventually everyone wants to go faster and you got to start spending the money. I got a bbr superpro kit with only 1 hour on it that I will sell for dirt cheap if any one wants it.
  9. same gearing you would get with 1000 set up.
  10. classichondausa.com they are 215 it replace's your stock gears u can still use the manual of your choice.
  11. A real manual runs on the primary they about a 1000 last forever no force on the crank the others are between 150 and 200 they run on the crank and work just fine with the lower horse motors , tb or a tak they look about the same althought they don't work like a real manual you can tell less response in the clutch and they won't start in gear, they come with heavy duty springs lasts longer than stock for the money they are good under the 10 h.p. range to make it better add a 3 speed tranny for another 200 and it fix's the gear ratio problom same gearing as the expensive stuff.
  12. Do you want the best or the least expensive
  13. Sorry some asked a question and I just tried to give an honest awnser. It was nothing about the best rider. They just wanted to know who made the best not who gave the best price.
  14. What size valve's come in that tb head?
  15. nothing is free!