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  1. revracer17

    Which Pipe...

    anybody had any experience with the Leo Vince x3 system on the 06's/ what did you think?
  2. revracer17

    Shifter lever problems

    if its an 06' i had the same deal... i just got the o4'-05' shifter from msr... and raised it up on the splines just a bit- so its a little higher than the peg... now it feels perfect, about a half inch longer and easier to get under. worked for me, but i have size 11's. just the route i went.
  3. revracer17

    why are 06s so easy to start?

    definately. one or 2 kicks.. almost as easy as a 125
  4. revracer17

    06' ride report

    well the other day was my first ride on the new kx250f. im coming off of a 125 and i wasnt sure what to expect as far as power/susp. etc. well this is what i found. i started the bike up and ran a couple low speed heat cycles to feel it out and was suprised by the instantaneous snap of the bottom...there was no "below the powerband" on this green machine. well i took it out on the track and right off the bat was pleased by the suspension which after only 1 click on the rebound felt like it was set-up just for me....real smooooth(saved me on a nose first landing when i over-jumped). alright as for the power- well i rode a couple laps and thought it was real smooth with some definite yank in the bottom/mid and just kept building. but overall i felt like i was going slower than on my 125...oh but i wasn't. i realized the power was decieving i was using much less energy so i felt slower but i was clearing jumps i never had before and was haulin through the corners. i had yet to test the very top end beacuse i was still "breakin it in". but overall i was very impressed with both the handling(cornered like a dream-just stuck into ruts when leanin it over) and power. ive never been so excited to ride again.