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  1. Hey guys i'm confused now... Do you talk about a 250f or 125
  2. My current bike is a 250FX, i owned fews 4-5 Yamahas and fews 5-6 KTMs mostly offroad not mx bikes . The Yam FX motor is very strong down low compare to my friend 250XCF but IMO the KTM handle better , are lighter and feel lighter, better front brake and are as reliable as Yamaha . Yam Fx have better forks but not night and day difference like around '06 compare to KTM. The Yam Fx air filter stay clean longer but hate change it because i fear of droping dirt in trottle body. I found my Yam Fx looks used really quickly, the scratches on blue appears more and the bare aluminum frame stained (clay)around header, skid plate. I bought the Yam because it was cheaper, very cheaper compare to a KTM same year. I bleed orange and my veins are blue If i was you i would choose a KTM/Husky
  3. Play with the sag and with forks height back
  4. waffles, did you find something since ?
  5. I'll try to buy a Smart Performance kit...again. I can't find any info on his web site for a 250Fx CKNY which kit did you get, the KYB phase 4 or KYB Dell Taco ?
  6. Bonjour Pat, I don't have the # yet, the bearings still in good shape but soon i need new ones , i'll try to find sealed bearings and good seals. I see you still like it big..........on cc's I was sure my little 250FX has sealed rear bearings ?
  7. I have tried to get a kit from Dave since 2012. I have changed my motorcycles 2-3 times since, with every new motorcycle i contacted Dave to have a kit. I was patient, i called, waited, called waited...every times he said '' I'll send to you next Monday ''... etc...after 7-8 weeks i always give up. So ckny, how did you do to get the kit from Dave.... did you email, phone, text him ? I need your trick please Thanks
  8. My 2015 FX has no seal on the bearing too, they come like that from factory. I think they sealup the bearing on the 2016 or 2017. I would like to put the WR seal too...but the 20mm vs 22 axles seem not a fit . When i'll change the front wheel bearings, i'll buy sealed bearing and find SKF seals from my local bearing supply.
  9. You can't compare laps times from a year race to next year race, i'm sure you got better proof than that... And sorry, i can't understand a 230 can be faster than a Wr, something wrong with the Wr or your riding with this bike. Do you got the good springs and sag numbers for your weight ? What about suspension oil , are they ten years old or fresh fluid ? Take time/money to spoil your Wr and i'm sure you'll enjoy it even more!
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. So i can put a F rear wheel with a larger axle and larger axle block from a F on a Fx. What about the front wheel, what's fit on a FX ?
  12. I didn't find anything specifically about my 2015 Yz250fx front wheel, sorry, i'm new to Yamaha, my last one was an 04. I'm looking to a classified: ''Wheels from a 2012 YZ250f '' and the guy said: ''Front wheel will fit: yz 125 and 250 until 2014, YZ250F and 450 up to 2012 The rear wheel will fit YZ 125 YZ250 all years and YZ250F and 450 until 2009.'' From what i read on here, i may think the rear will not fit but i really don't know about the front ? Thanks
  13. Sorry, I'll ask my question more precisely...i want to buy used wheels Which Yamaha wheels( models and years) will exactly fit on my FX
  14. I'm looking to get spare wheels set for my 15' 250FX, it doesn't matter 18'' or 19'' So what's models/years exact fit ?