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  1. I was fouling many plugs at startup....but with Klotz R50 I changed oil and never got fouled plug after. And then, 2 years later i cameback to that same R50 oil (because smell good), same thing, fouled plugs again........ Lesson learned this time...I changed oil and never got fouled plug after that, same bike/jetting. I don't know about the 927, i never try it, but fore sure at cold startup, some oils with a too high flash point are more prone to fouled plug.
  2. Thanks !
  3. Old post but i'd like to know as well ?
  4. I try to not use this method...i prefer someone hold the rear brake and then i remove the nut with an impact , IMO less stress on the transmission.
  5. Hey guys i'm confused now... Do you talk about a 250f or 125
  6. My current bike is a 250FX, i owned fews 4-5 Yamahas and fews 5-6 KTMs mostly offroad not mx bikes . The Yam FX motor is very strong down low compare to my friend 250XCF but IMO the KTM handle better , are lighter and feel lighter, better front brake and are as reliable as Yamaha . Yam Fx have better forks but not night and day difference like around '06 compare to KTM. The Yam Fx air filter stay clean longer but hate change it because i fear of droping dirt in trottle body. I found my Yam Fx looks used really quickly, the scratches on blue appears more and the bare aluminum frame stained (clay)around header, skid plate. I bought the Yam because it was cheaper, very cheaper compare to a KTM same year. I bleed orange and my veins are blue If i was you i would choose a KTM/Husky
  7. Play with the sag and with forks height back
  8. waffles, did you find something since ?
  9. I'll try to buy a Smart Performance kit...again. I can't find any info on his web site for a 250Fx CKNY which kit did you get, the KYB phase 4 or KYB Dell Taco ?
  10. Bonjour Pat, I don't have the # yet, the bearings still in good shape but soon i need new ones , i'll try to find sealed bearings and good seals. I see you still like it big..........on cc's I was sure my little 250FX has sealed rear bearings ?
  11. I have tried to get a kit from Dave since 2012. I have changed my motorcycles 2-3 times since, with every new motorcycle i contacted Dave to have a kit. I was patient, i called, waited, called waited...every times he said '' I'll send to you next Monday ''... etc...after 7-8 weeks i always give up. So ckny, how did you do to get the kit from Dave.... did you email, phone, text him ? I need your trick please Thanks
  12. My 2015 FX has no seal on the bearing too, they come like that from factory. I think they sealup the bearing on the 2016 or 2017. I would like to put the WR seal too...but the 20mm vs 22 axles seem not a fit . When i'll change the front wheel bearings, i'll buy sealed bearing and find SKF seals from my local bearing supply.
  13. You can't compare laps times from a year race to next year race, i'm sure you got better proof than that... And sorry, i can't understand a 230 can be faster than a Wr, something wrong with the Wr or your riding with this bike. Do you got the good springs and sag numbers for your weight ? What about suspension oil , are they ten years old or fresh fluid ? Take time/money to spoil your Wr and i'm sure you'll enjoy it even more!
  14. Thanks guys!