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  1. impaulm

    What years are interchangeable for drz 250?

    The header bolts to the cylinder head. Part numbers below from are from ronayers.com. They are different for 2001-03 vs. 2004-07 but it's possible that the newer part number supercedes the earlier one. HEAD ASSY, CYLINDER MODEL K1/K2/K3 11100-13E01 HEAD ASSY, CYLINDER MODEL K4/K5/K6/K7 11100-13E10
  2. impaulm

    02 DRZ250 plastics

    Ronayers.com is a great source for discounted OEM parts.
  3. impaulm

    DR-Z 250 Shift Lever?

    Discovered that a shift lever from an Australian 1997-2000 DR250R will fit a DRZ250. This bike looks very similar to the DRZ, with the same DOHC motor. Then found a place that sells an aftermarket shifter for the DR250R: http://www.kickstartmoto.com.au/dirt/gear-levers/suzuki/dr/suzuki-dr250r-dohc-gear-lever.html Paid the international shipping cost, and am pretty happy with the part so far. Bend was slightly off but easily fixed in a vise. Shifter is about 5/8" longer and sits about 3/8" further away from the case at the tip - just what I was looking for. Will update on the durability after I get in a few rides with it.
  4. impaulm

    DR-Z 250 Shift Lever?

    The MSR DRZ400 shift lever does not fit the DRZ250. The splined shaft is clearly larger on the 400. If the shafts were compatible, the 400 shifter would clear the case but stick out about an inch further. The stock piece seems too short with my riding boots especially after installing some wider pegs. I'm going to look into getting a "hybrid" shifter fabricated by combining the arm and tip from the DRZ400 lever with the smaller splined section of the original lever.
  5. impaulm

    DRZ 250 Seat Compatibility

    I replaced the original black seat on my 2001 with a yellow/blue 2006 version - perfect fit, the base was identical.
  6. impaulm

    DR-Z 250 Shift Lever?

    Would like to know this as well as it seems there's nothing specific available. I just ordered an MSR DRZ400 shift lever for a test fit it on my DRZ250 - will follow up with the results.
  7. impaulm

    2001 DRZ 250 Street Legal?

    Check with the DMV when you transfer the title. If the bike really was street registered before, you can get a new plate and tags issued. I went through this with a dual-sported Yamaha dirt bike a few years back. Paul
  8. impaulm

    DR-Z 250 throttle cable question

    I've changed the pilot and main jets, and shimmed the needle - night and day difference and jetting seems spot on. The bike is very rideable but not quite as snappy as I'd like and it's hard to get the front wheel up. Perhaps I'm too used to my previous '06 KTM 400. I'm interested in trying a TM28 like rowingman, as the pumper carb should be more responsive. Paul
  9. impaulm

    DR-Z 250 throttle cable question

    Interested in this topic as well. Does anyone have a complete list of parts required to swap the BSR32 carb for the TM28? The jetting is dialed in on my bike's ('01 CA DRZ250) CV carb but it lacks response when the throttle is cracked open. I'm hoping the pumper carb would give more of a hit.
  10. I'm very happy to have just picked up a clean, '01 DR-Z250 for that same price in CA. Typical asking price here seems to be around $1800 - $2000.
  11. impaulm

    Shopping for a new bike

    I ride an '06 400EXC and used to own a '98 KLX300 so I know what you mean about the KLX being hard to start after a stall or crash. Get the 400, you'll love it, e-start, more power, better handling, and a similar lightweight feel.
  12. impaulm

    Need lower gearing EXC

    I agree with you that 14/50 is not good for tight trails. For tight off-road use 13/52 is a popular combination that allows for a low first gear and plenty of top speed. I've run this gearing on multiple KTM's and not seen any unusual drivetrain wear with a properly adjusted chain. A 52T rear sprocket only might be a good on/off road compromise for you but the change will be slight.
  13. A missing battery could mean the bike wasn't properly set-up prior to sale. This happened to me with a 450EXC. Be sure to check it out thoroughly before riding it.
  14. Had my '06 400 EXC Excel rims anodized black. They look great when clean but look worse than silver when dirty or scratched up IMHO. Next time I'll stick with silver.
  15. I had a similar popping problem on my '06 400EXC with the JD Kit. Sealing up the exhaust with hi temp RTV fixed it. I pulled off the manifold, pipe and muffler and cleaned the contact areas thoroughly before applying RTV at the manifold/pipe and muffler/pipe junctions. As far as jetting I found the JD blue needle 3rd position to be too rich for anything above about 1000ft as the temperature got much above 60F. The bike would start to blubber right off idle. I typically ride from 1000-6000ft in 50-70 degree temps and the best compromise I've found is the blue needle, 2nd position. I believe the '06 has a slightly different to the '05 carb so your results might differ. PaulM