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  1. kdx220freak

    Making a silencer/muffler?

    making a silencer will not be easy even if you know how to weld. You need to make sure you have a good flow of exhaust. Factories spend many hours testing there silencers on machines to make sure the noise level and power level is where they want it.
  2. kdx220freak

    98 KX 125 Question.

    front wheel and forks are differnt from 94-98 not the same:thumbsup:
  3. kdx220freak

    Wiseco in a kdx220 - HELP

    just put a weisco into my 01 kdx220. Great piston, warm up is slightly longer it seems than stock in really cold weather. Make sure you prep the cylinder well. I forgot to scuff it up and my compression is only 125 when it should be 155 for a new top end. I still use it but i will do a ring swap eventually.
  4. kdx220freak

    Bike for my friend with $4000

    would you all have any idea;s for some 2 strokes? Or is he better of with a 4 stroke? I am not saying he doesnt change his oil ever, but im sure he will do it alot more with a $4000 bike.
  5. My friend doesnt have internet so i am posting this for him. He is 5'8'' and is looking for a trail bike. He doesnt want a kdx. I dont know why, i think it is because i have one. So please dont reccomend a kdx. He is going to finance a bike at a dealership and he wants to spend about $4000 or less. Obviously the bike isnt going to be new, but he wants something from 03 up. We ride tight trails, i dont think he cares 4 stroke or 2 stroke, but he is leaning to a 2 stroke. From what i know about him, is he isnt super mechanically inclined but i can help him. To me it doesnt seem like he does to much maintance on his current bike (xr200). Or at least as much as i do. He doesnt change his oil alot ( i know... not good) and he just likes to ride. So i think he needs a bike that is pretty tough. He is kinda agressive but hopefully he can race with me and my friends in our trails once he gets good. He isnt a big kid so the lighter the better. He was thinking of a 2004 GasGas 125mx bike but, i wanted to see what you all thought about other bikes.
  6. kdx220freak

    Bet the dealer like him

    it didnt seem all that bad to me. I really havent heard a hi-pro 4-stroke in person though so i cant tell if he was really revving it. Showing your friend your bike isnt stupid if you only do what he did once or twice. But i will have to say, that was a really nice bike.
  7. kdx220freak

    kdx pipe on kx

    FMF and procircut sell Quite silencers, look for one from them, I dont think the kdx pipe will fit without modifications.
  8. kdx220freak

    KDX forks

    dude, he was telling him to go to that site because it would seem he doesnt know the answer. Rather than not helping at all, he gave him some good advice. The people at kdxrider.net will tell you everything you need to know about a kdx.
  9. kdx220freak

    The Q?

    you wont notice a difference in power with just a silencer. You will if you add a pipe. I rode my kdx with a powercore 2 and the stocker, no differnce felt in power and it was only a tad louder. I also have a turbinecore2 and it isnt much louder than the stocker. But if you think you will get $120 worth of preformance with a silencer it isnt true.
  10. kdx220freak

    oil in 2000 kx125 is grey

    if its grey you dont change your oil enough
  11. kdx220freak

    Need a new bike.

    dirtrider. The seat height is taller on a 125 than a 250f. This is true but a 125 is also set up for a light rider which means as soon as you sit on the bike the seat height will go down. I own a kdx now and i am on my tippy toes and a 125 is easy for me to sit on even though the seat height is 3 inches higher. You may want a kdx and just use some lowering links since you are not riding track.
  12. well i just went a few weeks back on my first 3 day trip about 2 hours from my house. I brought 3 plugs, (i only needed one) an 8mm wrench as it is the most common size on my bike, an 8mm socket and a 1/4inch drive rachet. A few hex keys to be able to tighten or loosen my bars, some chain lube and thats about it.
  13. kdx220freak

    Looking at small sport streetbikes

    well im glad you are not thinking about the Nija any more as it is way to small for you. Why dont you look at kawasaki's and or suzuki's. I will tell you honda makes a great bike but so does eveyone elese. And why not a yamaha?