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  1. Mikek671

    Magazine subscriptions gift cards

    Contact them, over the years I had that happen one time - email was sent to Hi Torque and they made sure I received the card that was missing. https://hi-torque.com/
  2. Mikek671

    KTM 300

    I thought my old 4T was a tractor and was the perfect bike to lug - until I bought the 17 300 - when jetted and running properly it is unstoppable. The KTM counter balancer on 17+ bikes is icing on the cake, ride another brand and it is night and day vibration wise. The CB also seems to contribute to the tractor like motor feel, if you ride technical trails or consider yourself the type of guy who likes to ride "off" the pipe there is no better choice than the 300.
  3. Good information and surprised to see Harbor Freight and Walmart ties perform so well, I personally used Panduit at work for years but accessibility lead me to the Napa brand a while back for garage stuff.
  4. Mikek671

    Aftermarket Plastics

    I did mine this winter on my 17 XCW - bought the Acerbis kit and fit/finish were good. Actually swapped the stock color for the Flo Orange and it is a nice change from the stock orange most people run.
  5. Mikek671

    Used dirt bike gear

    Couple options for you: Post up a pay it forward type ad and give it all to someone who can use it (they pay shipping), bundle a nice package and say you will not split it up - post it cheap for a quick sale.
  6. Mikek671

    Differences in pistons vs years

    17+ has a slightly shorter piston skirt, if you put the older one in a newer bike it will contact the crank. That being said the size is very close and some people have just taken a small amount of material off the bottom of the older piston skirts and run them in newer bikes.
  7. Mikek671

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    Many different opinions on this one, some say run a lower flash point oil for trail riding since the motor does not get as hot. Personally have been running Amsoil Interceptor and Dominator at 50:1, zero problems when jetted corrected and my third top end is going in now. Pistons that came out looked great and cylinder still has cross hatch with no visible wear. Mix of single track, enduro and harescramble racing each season.
  8. Mikek671

    Clutch drag

    2000 model year KTMs did not have DDS clutch setup - it is only on newer bikes. Check fluid and change, check metal and fiber plate thickness and if everything looks good try running ATF type F in the trans and see if that helps.
  9. Mikek671

    Looking for riders around Cumberland County, NJ

    There are no "legal" free ride places in NJ, some forest access with plated/insured bikes but that is limited and you are not allowed into firecuts or single track unless there is a sanctioned race event. Some townships have high fines and possible bike impoundment if you are caught riding or your vehicle is parked in an area where you are not supposed to be. Plenty of sanctioned offroad events for kids - check out ECEA for full calendar.
  10. Mikek671

    Four stroke to 2 stroke

    I recently switched back to 2T's after being on 4Ts for 11 years, they both have merits. For the type of riding I am doing now (Enduro, HS, singletrack) the 2T suits me much better - the 300 lugs better than any other bike I have ridden and you never have to worry about pop stalls. Be honest with yourself about the type of riding you do and how you like to ride, all the new 4t/2ts motorcycles are so good there is no bad decision - just personal preference.
  11. 1996 XR400, decided to move away from the 2 strokes and try a 4T since everyone was raving about the new Honda. Even with a bunch of mods within 6 months I still did not gel with it, sold it and bought a 97 KTM 250EXC which was bliss back then for enduro.
  12. Mikek671

    ktm 17-19 nardo grey plastic kit

    Reminds me of the old KTM side plates from the late 90's early 2000's - they were silver/grey. They looked OK but showed white marks easily when stressed, not sure how the Polisport color would hold up.
  13. Mikek671

    Why Not Yamaha?

    No bikes currently in their lineup that I would want for offroad riding and racing, rode Yamahas from 2006 until 2011 when ridng motocross and they were great bikes. I wish all manufacturers would put more money back into land use and legal issues here in the US but it is a tall order fighting for riding rights in each state.
  14. Mikek671

    Most heavy duty mx pant known to man

    They are expensive but you can find them on sale and closeout if you look around but over the years Klim has held up the best for me. Have worn MSR/Moose/Answer/Thor/Shift/Alias and none of them wear as well, I do wear knee braces and they are hard on pants.
  15. Mikek671

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    Most of the custom companies have options depending on what you are looking for, check out Decal Works - they have shroud, number or complete custom kits.