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  1. DOGGER810

    best goggles under $35

    Hijack Alert, What the heck makes a pair of goggles worth $75 bucks?
  2. DOGGER810

    what bike do you ride and why

    I ride a Honda because it's the best, & i'm right & everyone else is wrong.
  3. DOGGER810

    Indiana Pee Wee track north of Indy?

    Hey Fellas, I am from Noblesville and I recently got my son started on a CRF50. We have a friend with some flat property to ride on, but I would like to get him some track experience. I took him to Haspin last week, but that's not going to work. Do any of the tracks around here that have open rides have Pee Wee tracks? Thanks, Tom
  4. DOGGER810

    92 350s

    When I bought my DR the previous owner had blocked off the carb to petcock vaccum line. I tried to hook it back up but it leaks out of the carb over flow tube when it is running. Is it ok to leave it blocked off & run it in the prime position? Thanks, Tom
  5. DOGGER810

    Budds Creek Brawl

    Wow, I used to hate that the security @ Red Bud was so strict. Maybe it is a good thing.
  6. DOGGER810

    Reddd Buddd!!!!!

    Red Buuuuud!!!!
  7. DOGGER810

    Asterisk sizing

    Does anyone know where on an Asterisks brace I can find the size?
  8. DOGGER810

    Indiana - Pipe Creek Motocross ????

    What time will you be open tomorrow?
  9. DOGGER810

    Indiana - Pipe Creek Motocross ????

  10. DOGGER810

    Red Bud! Roll Call

    Lot B for me:p
  11. DOGGER810

    Knee Brace

    I am happy with my Asterisks, I would not buy anything from crapparral again though.