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  1. outthumped

    Lets see the xrays!

    It's my avitar.
  2. outthumped

    07 Ktm 450 Xcw Help!

    I am uncertain how the mud got in as the air filter was clean and I stuck a paper towel past it an it was also clean. If my crank case breather hose was rerouted into the air box, where whould mud get in. I did kick it numerous times in the hole. could enough mud get sucked up the carb hose to do it. They did find mud in the carb. I think Mason's is giving me the worst case scenario as they have not taken it apart yet. They are a great shop, not cheap, (like all shops) but definately fair and only sell KTM, so the know these bikes better than most. I love a good mystery, just not an expensive one. Thanks, OT Kevin I agee, I love mud and am the idiot who goes back and forth through the mud holes. My feet did not even get wet. I did kick it a hundred times before pulling it out and starting it. I trust the shop and they may be more interested in top performance right now than I am interested incheap just riding. -------------------- It Pays to Play! Ow, That's going to leave a mark!!! Ride faster and you will get farther.
  3. outthumped

    07 Ktm 450 Xcw Help!

    Hello, A little more info. Yes the bike runs, smokes alot. I just did a complete top end rebuild at Masons and it was around 800.00. They took the filters and screens and saw mud in there and in the carb. I was told once the dirt circulated through the bottom it is very bad. They are looking into the cost of a new engine and thought it might be $2,500.00-$3,000.00. I do the minor stuff, but rebuilding a 4 stroke is out of my league. The bike was running better than new. I stalled in a mud bog on Saturday. I did not think it was all that deep and I did not fall over. My feet did not even get wet, I have been in worse. My electric start had already shorted out and I stupidly kicked away in the puddle. I finally gave up,put a new fuse in and it fired right up with the e-start. It rode fine until near the top of the ledges where it stalled and then I was hearing some top end clatter. Bike cooled down and ran fine back to camp. I rarely rev this bike and change the oil and air filter every 10 hrs. At camp I could not see the oil in the window, well very low and I had to tip the bike to see it. I put in a whole liter. When I started it it was now smoking worse than a rich 2t. I assumed that the sight glass was smoked and I could not see oil now either. The bike rode fine, although I did let Lafferty pass me as I did not want to push the smoking beast. I assumed extra oil would burn off and not damage anything if I kept the rpms down. I made it to the first reset, 10 miles and the bike started running like it was not carborated right. I dropped the oil and the brand new liter was black and smelled burnt. The magnetic drain plug was covered in what looked like mud. I assumed it was metal clutch material, the magnetic nipple was not visible. I gave up and got a ride back to camp. I spent all my $ in the last rebuild and decided to keep the bike and sunk $3,000.00 in motor, carb, plastics, tires, chain, sprockets etc... Masons did a great job, but I am busted and my wife will leave me if I spend that much a second time 300 miles later. Thanks for the help. OT
  4. outthumped

    07 Ktm 450 Xcw Help!

    What to do, What to do? I have spent a fortune on this bike, Scotts stabilizer, FC suspention, rebuilt just 300 miles ago, fuel screw, boyson qs2, the list goes on and on! I spent $3,000.00 3-400 miles ago, this bike is dialed in for me, my wt and riding style, or lack of it. I rode the Classic and took some mud on in a mud hole. I am told I need a NEW engine and it will run approx $2,500.00-$3,000. Here is where I need some advise. I am a public servant and don't have money to burn again. I can part the suka out, I have never done this and it sounds like a lot of work. What could i get for a blown up bike? Anyone know where to buy a complete new engine? How about a used engine. Can a 525 fit in the 450 frame? If i could break even, I would love to switch to a cheap 2t. No more $1,000.00 rebuilds. I am old and slow and nerotic about maintanance, I just have no luck. Any and all advise is apreciated. Thanks, OT
  5. outthumped

    Plastic Chain Guides?

    RPM, cheaper and heavyer duty, I have had both, I like RPM. I like the little guy though. OT
  6. outthumped

    03 Kdx 200

    Hello, I just bought my 14 year old son, 6' 140, an 03 KDX 200. It has Bark busters and a Pro Circuit pipe. He is coming off a KX100. He will be using it for some mild MX track and VT trail riding. I need new sprockets for it. What is stock gearing and what do you guys recommend? I was thinking 14-50? I like 14 cuz it wears a little longer than 13? It needs tires, What dimention front and rear are best. 21 X 90, 18 x 100 etc. It does not have a skid plate, any thing else you can think of. What needs protecting or replacing on this lovable little goat. What plug does it take? I rode it last night and i am ready to trade my 450 in for one. it is like a MT bike with a motor! I love it. Thanks for any advise. i want to order it all at once. Thanks a ton, OT:ride:
  7. outthumped

    Burlington VT area Trail ride?

    Anyone in the area looking to ride? I have the next three daysoff and will be off the week end of the 16th. I will travel to try new trails as well, up to 2 hours. I am an old beat up C class HS rider. Give me a holler if so. OT
  8. outthumped

    Anxiety about off road riding

    A quick and permanant fix to alot of anxiety is EMDR and or Hypnotherapy. Google them and in one or two hours you could free yourself of a lot of your worries. It is therapy on the fast track and was developed for PTSS of war trama and police shoot outs, but works to quickly fix alot of anxiety and phobias. Happy trails, OT
  9. I am a "More Power Guy", What are the chances you will ever break your neck? Or in my case twice? I say get both. Get the Leat or the cheaper EVS if you want to save$. I got mine here for $150.00 shipped, way cheaper than anywhere I have seen. I know my avitar would be a lot less interesting if I had worn one last year and 4 years ago! Happy Trails, what ever you do and I hope you never need the brace. OT:ride:
  10. outthumped

    random bogging

    Make sure your air boot lines up with your carb properly or you blocka jet or two. I did and it cause similar problems. Good luck, OT
  11. outthumped

    Falls on it's face

    I did not read all the replys, so sorry if this was tried. The air boot on the carb must line up with the carb exactly, if it does not then it cuts off, 1/2 or closes a jet or two. I learned it the hard way, rebuilt my bike, after hunting down all the possible problems. I now have an awsome new bike, but I found out the cause on KTM Talk after alot of trouble. Good luck, if you look it up on KTMTalk a guy posted pictures as to how to line it up pwerfect. OT
  12. outthumped

    Leak @ Coolant Weep Hole

    This is a common problem, with the bikes, it is thankfully a very short list of problems. It can be caused by having your chain to tight. It was probably the reason mine went. The xtra inch oh travel on KTMs require more play than most bikes.
  13. For sure, I live near Burlington. I would love to hook up for a NY ride. OT
  14. Ulewz, If you click to the other pictue , a close up of my Kick it, the spacer is on the bottom left bolt as you look at it. It should be easy to pick up at a harware store or if you cobb job things like me, 10 washers instead. OT or just click on http://picasaweb.google.com/outthumped/2009DirtBikeJack#5286739859776203938
  15. Yes there is a spacer on the front bolt between the body of the kickstand. Enjoy, OT