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  1. Hi, I recently ended up with a 1980 XR200, that's in surprisingly good shape, other than it didn't run. I pulled the motor and have it sitting on the bench tore apart. I believe I found the problem, the pin that drives spark advancer was missing, so the advancer appears to have been just doing it's own thing in there. My question is though, when I pulled this thing apart, it seemed like the timing chain had lots of tension on it, but now I can't seem to get it to tighten up. I actually though it had somehow come of the bottom gear, but after pulling the flywheel, it's where it should be. Does the bike need to be running to get it to tighten up? How do I tell if the tensioner or chain is shot? It looks good, no major grooving or anything, chain sems fine. The case has some rub marks, but I've read on here that's normal. I just don't want to put it all together, just to find out the chain won't tighten up, and have to tear it all aprt again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I would suspect that gearing might have something to do with that.
  3. Courtntan

    What stock bikes do the good fcr's come from

    From what I've read your best looking at the 1998+ yz400-426f's and the wr's of the same years.
  4. Courtntan

    broken rear fender

    That make that thing so ugly that you have to take it off before it breaks.
  5. When is that new hug icon going to be put on here? I thought that's what the upgrade was about, Dammit.
  6. Courtntan

    High mileage

    Keep up on your oil changes and it should run forever, give or take a year.
  7. Courtntan

    Hey LOOK...A new KICKER!!!

    That's a very good hint. Turns out Eddie is up on more than just jetting.
  8. Courtntan

    Took a huge hit

    I'm not so sure that you should give riding a multiple year break, but you should give the 85 mph corners a break for a while. Heal quick and get back on it.
  9. Courtntan

    So! I Crashed my SM, Bent the frame...

    I'm thinking you would probably be best to part that out.
  10. Courtntan

    FCR 39 Didn't fit 06s,frame in the way!

    Hammer? Why not a grinder?
  11. Courtntan

    Acerbis black plastics problem

    I'd send it back, don't mess with trying to fix a problem that's not yours. Should look good right from the start.
  12. Courtntan

    Precut plate backgrounds?

    No problems getting them flat on the exhaust side? I heard they are a pain in the a$$.
  13. Courtntan

    Advise on different tailight option

    I put some flush mounts on mine with a drc edge. The flushmounts went on with 2 way tape so you can mount them any where. I stuck the fronts to the side of the head light shroud and the rears on the part of the number plate that runs up against the rear fender. Looks super clean with no blinkers sticking out. And I know what your thinking, 2 way tape? I've tried to pull them off and can't, the stuff works good.
  14. Courtntan

    Has anyone tried a 37mm FCR?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried one. I know it won't be as good as the 39mm, which is what I know I'll end up with , but it has to be an improvement over stock 36mm right? I'm assuming the #1 benefit would be better throttle response. So if you could pick one up super cheap would it be a bad choice?
  15. Courtntan

    Going Olive Drab on Fang

    Looks good. You need to pull that dingey white rear brake guard off and spray it also.