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  1. Zaphod_1101

    DR350 Okanagon

    Selling my bike cause I now have 2 kids as of the 13 of June. Anyone in the Okanagon looking for a bike let me know. Its 1992 DR350 dualsport, with papers. New tires, new brakes, new kick return spring, supertrap exhaust and big bore kit up to 400ccs. Shes rated at 350 so its cheap insurance, cheap gas. Im super sad to let her go but I have to. Looking for $2500 bucks, if your interested message me or reply and well go from there.
  2. Zaphod_1101

    Dr Will Not Start

    I was having the same problem with mine, I swapped for a hotter plug and it runs better for sure but it started like crap until I put a new plug cap on and did a full oil change. Now it is a bit easier to kick her over but when it's cold out, say under 10 degrees Celsius, shes a real bastard to kick over.If I put a heater beside for a while and warm her up a bit she starts in about 5 kicks. I guess my bike just doesn't like the cold. Living in Vancouver I only have to deal with this problem for a couple of months, Summertime it's a two kick affair. But the plug cap was a great relief my old one was crappy and for about 6 bucks or 3 pounds I saved myself a lot of headache.
  3. Zaphod_1101

    I think I screwed up my bike 1992 DR350s

    Hey thanks for the info guys...Ill try it all out when I'm off work. I keep thinking the best way to learn is to rip it apart and see whats inside but I keep breaking stuff, I can't help but laugh. Thank god it's winter so I have time to fix it.
  4. Zaphod_1101

    I think I screwed up my bike 1992 DR350s

    I didn't take the arm off but I think I see what your saying...should I take the case off again and turn the arm one way or another until the clutch engages? Or is it possible to fix this without taking it apart again?
  5. Zaphod_1101

    I think I screwed up my bike 1992 DR350s

    OK. I broke my kickstart return spring, no big deal easy fix. I pull apart my clutchcase and put in my new spring and spring guide no problems thus far. Put the clutchcase back together everything seems fine, looks good now I hook up my clutch cable and what happens? Its not engaged!! I pull the bastard apart again take a look inside all seems to be in order, the teeth on the release shaft are engaged with the release pawels teeth, but when its all together it doesn't spring back?!? What the hell? To boot I pull my oil filter out cause it's time for that as well and the bottom oil filter bolt broke inside the case....no I'm not an idiot I didn't torque the friggen bolt it just snapped like a dry twig.Anyways the bolt is the least of my problems at the moment but can someone explain why my clutch is screwed? I had a nice running bike when I woke up today and of course I screw it up on something easy.....man I feel like a putz! Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.....
  6. Zaphod_1101

    Question about bumpstarting with decomp?

  7. Zaphod_1101

    Question about bumpstarting with decomp?

    How exactly do I use the de-comp lever when Im bumpstarting my dr350? I thought all I had to do was put it in third and give her a push drop the clutch and my ass at the same time and she should fire right up? Yet to do this succesfully usually it starts fine with the kick but its so cold right now kickings just a waste of time. So how should I incorporate the de-comp lever with my bump starting sequence? Any help is appreciated sorry if this is a stupid question...but hey we all learn somewhere.... Thanks
  8. Zaphod_1101

    DR350 dumping fuel out of bottom.

    Just looking at my 92 dr350s, I dont know if there is too much difference between yours and mine, so I could be wrong here. Anyways there looks to be a line by your drain plug on the bottom of the carb, I'm missing mine but its not leaking. Maybe its just a hose to drain fuel into when your emptying your carb. My advice would be to make sure your drain plug screw is tight and not worn or loose or anything. Also maybe take your carb in somewhere and have it inspected by a mechanic, they might find something wrong. Thats pretty much all I can see unless you've lost a jet or something....however strange that might be. Sorry I cant be much more help to you....thought I might try.
  9. Zaphod_1101

    Chilliwack area?

    Looking for riders around the wack.... Im still an amatuer rider. I dont know too many people in the area that ride. All my friends that ride live in Ridge and they are way better than I am, kinda hard to keep up. So if you might be at the same caliber level, let me know maybe we can go riding.
  10. Zaphod_1101

    Cold Weather Clothing?

    It's all about the layers and the fog X on the glasses. Works great gets cold around fall/winter time where I live. My long Johns are a savior as well. lol. First time I had ever taken my bike to work at 4 in the morning I had a sweatshirt and a tee on....what a stupid thing to do. Took 2 hours to thaw out at work...Its funny now, but sure sucked then, learn fast to ride in the cold.
  11. Zaphod_1101

    DR350 kick starting tip #3671

    I have 92' and I give it 2 kicks on the "pri" setting on the fuelcock and then turn it back to on third kick fires up no problems. The guy I bought the bike from showed me this works pretty well for me.