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    Will this stand work?

    Probably. I just use the sidestand and prop it up with plank of wood so it's not on a lean
  2. That's a good price. Got mine from procycle. If it were $50 I'd still buy one coz engine rebuilds aren't cheap!
  3. Eazy-E

    DR650 headlight on/off switch relay

    Good idea. I think both solutions in combination would be awesome. That is the sidestand and push button to be fool proof. The amount of times I've jumped off my bike and run off to check something out leaving the headlight on by accident astounds me . Need to learn to use the ignition key to turn off. Oh and for anyone looking for more more cranking power I am running a lithium ion battery on my dr650. Twice the cranking power and service life and at 1/3 of the weight. A battery with more juice is always a welcome addition when trying to start the DR after being on it's side after a fall.
  4. Eazy-E

    I'd like to buy and install a tach DR650

    I can see why you want an analog tach! I have a vapor unit on my cr500 and they suck as far as being able to read them. On hard acceleration you don't know how fast you're going until your speed levels out. I remember when digital speedo's were the hot thing for cars. Didn't last long and now most cars are either back to analog or digital with analog display.
  5. Eazy-E

    Michelin T-63 tires

    Thats not fast wear at all! You should get 4500-5000 miles if it's half worn at 2000 which is pretty normal wear on a dual sport tire or I'm doing something wrong. I've never done better, even on the trailwings. Might give the t-63's a try when my mitas wear out. thanks for sharing
  6. Eazy-E


    Ebay will save you a couple dollars on key blanks. Why not get one done now so you have a spare and do aother later down the track?
  7. Eazy-E

    Overfilled the oil and ran it 500 miles.

    Clean all the oil out of your air filter and air box then add an off the shelf carburetor cleaner you'll find at any auto shop to your fuel and go ride it. The oil level should be at half when cold showing on the window. Had the same issue with my 2012 and this fixed it.
  8. nice set up Martin did you take her across the simmo?
  9. Eazy-E

    Looking at buying a dr 650

    Firstly for mainly offroading and short distances I'd be on a drz400 not a dr650. In terms of power neither the drz or dr650 will keep up with the 450's but the 400 will keep you close in any situation bar outright drag racing and last much longer than the high strung 450's.
  10. Eazy-E

    Help - DR650 starting issue

    Wait until the next time it won't start. Take a voltmeter and check all the wiring for continuity. Refer to the wiring diagram and work your way through the loom and somewhere along the line you're going to come up with a bad reading. I had this problem with my DR650 but in my case it was the sensor mechanics of my sidestand! The switch was a bit stIcky (corroded) so every once in a while when I put the side stand up it wouldn't press all the way in resulting in my bike not starting.
  11. Eazy-E

    Do I have sloppy gears or what?

    What does your engine oil look like? Metal filings?
  12. 540 kms, 1100 dunes, 70kg of gear to haul. stock tires. The DR650 kicked arse
  13. The clip shows that rear knobbies work much better than a TW rear offroad? That guy is clearly struggling for traction on the hill climb at the end. Add some rain and he's not ever getting up that slope. I buy tires according to seasons. Winter and a trailwing just don't work at all. If I'm on the street a lot I'll keep the TW set up but being a mud plugger it's knobbies all round and I'll just ride extra carefully on the street. I agree for only street use I'd not run a Knobbie back and TW front but it'd be a pretty good compromise for someone doing 50/50 street/dirt riding.
  14. Not in mine. I've had a knobbie on the front and stock trailwing on the back in mud and didn't go anywhere. Do the reverse and you'll actually move forwards. A terrain matching front and rear is important
  15. He didn't pay that much the bike came with it. Yeah that seems the high end of retail for a full set up. Look at the bargains for a full new system and divide by 2 that'll give you an indicator of what you'll get used if you don't want to sit on it forever