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  1. Currently I have 2 setups for hauling my bike. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk - It has the air suspension that self levels when I use my hitch hauler. It also drops to aero mode at speed. 24-25 mpg at 75 - 80 mph. It also will lift 4 inches for off road. I have the 3.6 six. Pull a small utility trailer with whatever car I have at the moment. Today it is a Volvo S60. The best mileage I have seen consistently was with a Ford focus hatch where the bike would tuck behind the car. 34 MPG at 75MPH
  2. I would of thought this too until I moved to Arizona. Tires are my biggest expense. Running a Shinko rear, Bridgestone fronts my cost is $16 / ride. 20 tires a year and I wear them till knobs are nearly gone. The good news is Arizona doesn't wear brakes, chains, and fork seals much at all. Cost per ride $65 for 4 stroke bought new, $20 for 2 stroke bought used. Big difference is depreciation as I only rode the 4 stroke 2 years.
  3. celler

    2017 Yamaha YZ450FX Starting Problem

    Just finishing up on this issue so the tread goes to resolution. Put in the new brushes and springs and problem continued. I purchased a new starter and all is well. Seemed I had one position on the commutator that would not work. Inspecting you could see where it would arc on that position. I could not get a different resistance reading on that position. So, I replaced the starter.
  4. Time Left: 14 days and 11 hours

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    I sold my bike and have parts to sell: Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 - 20 Hrs on New EXP ring and Yamaha fiber plates, 130Hrs on remainder. Full clutch and side cover. Spare set of EXP weights. $400 Seat Concepts comfort seat. Good condition $100 Yamaha Rear brake disk. Very little wear. 20Hrs on disk. Straight. I replaced with a solid disk. $30 Yamaha Starter Relay and starter brushes - $15 Misc small parts - Free to whoever buys over $20 of goods All prices include shipping in the US. Text me for more information or pictures. Thanks for looking.


    Prescott, AZ

  5. I have one of these. Good for a bicycle but not a motorcycle. Way too loose resulting in a lot of wobble. I bought it for my bicycle years ago when I pulled my popup. I just mounted it once with the motorcyle to see how it was. Did not even leave the driveway. Just posted this for reverence. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0756YRKMT/ref=sspa_dk_detail_4?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B0756YRKMT&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=f0dedbe2-13c8-4136-a746-4398ed93cf0f&pd_rd_wg=UTpdZ&pf_rd_r=D3YY1X2M1S3ES13HARBA&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&pd_rd_w=f7s15&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pd_rd_r=d8b8e324-f426-11e8-b278-c53c231f3748
  6. celler

    Rekluse engagement points.

    I used stock wedges on my 250rr also. The 17 and older Betas spin the clutch faster than most bikes so more inertia is generated. I had 7000 miles on mine and replaced EXP ring once. Great combination.
  7. celler

    Rekluse engagement points.

    The recommended idle speed on my Yamaha 450fx was 2000 rpm. this required me to use a medium engagement setting so the clutch would disengage and not flame out. I also went to heavy weights so when it did engage it would hook up hard and not slip much. This is so it did not generate too much heat. When I used Rekluse on 2 stokes I always set up for a low engagement rpm. I also used heavier weights on some bikes. I have found if the clutch engages at too high an rpm momentum can be lost on hills when you back off the gas. Engine inertia does not get transferred though the clutch when backing off the gas as the clutch quickly disengages. I have not put a rekluse on my 300xc so I cannot talk to this exact setup.
  8. celler

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I was looking KTM753's post about Graham Jarvis mechanic. It says to use the top clip (I am assuming the #1 slot) and the 43-75 needle. I am confused because this is somewhat contradictory to what the manual says I was jetting around the manual settings and power was good but a lot of spooge and smoke so I knew it was rich. From prior experience jetting I knew if you get into the taper of the needle too soon a carb will drop a lot of fuel. Good for max power, uses a lot of fuel, and works best if have some head work done so it can use the fuel. I then went to clip 1 with the 43-75, power was good, and it definitely ran cleaner. I then tuned the pilot to clean up the spooge a little more. I think the clip 1 is important to enable a range of elevation and temperature at one set up. Sort of nice to read Graham Jarvis's mechanic also found clip 1 as preferred setup..
  9. celler

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I know you are happy and are not going to go back to the Mikuni. Just curiosity did you lean out your float? I leaned mine a lot from stock as it was set very low stock. My xc has 145 PSI compression at 5000ft with is about 175 at se level so my head is nothing special. Although I have used mine at 2000-8000 ft very successfully it is not as broad of a Jetting range as it seems since the air temperature a 2000 k is 15 degrees warmer than at 8000k. Guess I'll just be happy how well mine works.
  10. celler

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I do really like it. The motor is really good for what I do. Nothing that I ride has good traction. a lot of loose decomposed granite and rocks. Not slick like mud but always hard to maintain traction. I find the 300 is universally good all though the power. I am always impressed how it will hook up in some technical areas. In addition when it opens up, is has good power with excellent over rev.. I find I don't want to even try any other setting but instead learn to use all it has to offer. This is not me. I usually adjust and try many settings. Ifeel it is good now and I need to ride it to really understand its advantages so I can understand changes I make. The chassis is good also. Ridden it in open whoopy trail, standard rocky woods, and technical "crap". Performed well. I did find in the whoops I like more rebound than stock on the rear. That same setting works decent in the rocks. My rock setting and whoop setting is 2-3 clicks different. Bike has been only average in fast sand washes. Feels busy. I'm set up pretty soft for all the rocks so that maybe my issue. I think with some basic clicker and chassis adjustments I will get this better. Overall I like the shock. I like the seat and physical layout of the controls and pegs. The sand washes are the one place I miss my Yamaha 450fx. Did I say how light the KTM feels! Forks - I have Dal Saggio Sphere forks. These are as good if not better than any set of KYB's I have had. I rode KYB SS many years. I have the AER forks on my Husky and the more time on them the better they get. The AER are good on mid to large bumps and as they get more time on them are getting better in the rocks. I am still forming an opinion on the AER. Engine vibration. I came off 250's and a 450 4 stroke. I do not feel the 300 vibration level is game changing. I'm not disappointed but sure is not a big deal to me. Yea compared to my 2005 GasGas 300 it is really smooth but that is a an old bike. I never owned an earlier 300 KTM so maybe they vibrated bad? The 2019 300xc is a good bike. I find it interesting everyone is saying how good the TPI's are. I'm sitting hear thinking that my 2019 XC is better than my nearly new 2017 husky TE....
  11. celler

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    Yep I sure did miss that you were running a JD needle! Totally different deal.
  12. celler

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    Your needle clip position 3 is too rich for sure. I ride from 2000 (70-90 degrees) -8000 (55-75 degrees) ft in AZ. Float set leaner, Slide Mod, 25 pilot, AS 2, 43-73 needle (I'm writing this on memory - Stock needle ) clip 1, 420 main. Little to no spooge. Other observations in my testing. 35 pilot ran well just had more spooge. I think I may try a 30 for when I ride at 2000 fr and cooler temps. I will try AS adjustments 1st. Slide mod is probably not needed if pilot is raised to a 35 - 40. I did the mod early from recommendations on forums. Needle in clip position 2 ran well but fuel mileage was bad and a lot of spooge. I tried the next step leaner needle in clip 2 and that too had poor mileage. I have a 2017 (Recently purchased bike) with a Keihin, V force, and head mod. After getting my Mikuni right I went back and did so more jetting on the Keihin.... The 2019 300xc is a really good running bike.
  13. celler

    Hernia recovery

    The amount of pain is so low compared to normal dirt bike related injuries just make sure you give it enough time to heal. The 4-6 weeks seems to be good advice. I've had 3 fixed.
  14. I have a 19 300xc and the jetting chart is good. Pretty easy to make it run well with stock supplied parts. I also have a 2017 Husky TE that runs great but the previous owner put a Keihin on it. From what I read and have been told -The 17's had a different carb angle, needle jet, and float height likely is wrong. JD documented this all well. I think the easy path on a 17 is to use a JD kit. The kick starter gear bolt is also suspect. Easy to fix with a bottoming tap and a longer bolt. Now this isn't really a problem that shows up much because the starter works so good the kicker just isn't used. Hope this helps with your decision.
  15. celler

    Gearing - 13/50 vs 13/52

    I tend to gear bikes down to make 3rd my go to gear. This eliminates many 2nd to 3rd gear shifts in the woods. It also allows third to be used to find traction. I tend to like an xc gearbox so when 3rd is geared to where I want it 1st and 2nd are still very useful. If I ride more open trails the stock gearing is just fine. I recently just got a 2019 300xc (Stock) and 2017 300 TE (Various performance mods) that have great motors. I rode the 1st 30 hours with stock gearing. I recently switched to lower gearing and I'm just faster with it. Everyone has there preferences...