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    Jetting Settings

    05 crf 250r northern Ca. sea level to 3,000 ft. 55 to 85 degrees. Jd jet kit red needle in 5th position, 175 main, 42 pilot, 55 leak jet. NO BOG! twin air with no backfire screen. PMB exhaust cap Hot Cam
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    I have a 05 . I didn't know the stock was a 55 on the 06. They must have known it was better than the one in the 05 which I think was a 70 or 75. But anyway I think he should try the Jd jetting.
  3. Here is the part # for an 05 crf250 leak jet #55 99108-MEB0550. That's a Honda oem # but it should work for your carb.
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    It is because it too lean. I just installed the JD kit on my bike as per the instructions and it had a "bog" off idle. I was reading this forum or another and they were talking about changing your leak jet to a #55. I did that and the bog is gone! It richens it up a bit. CRF Hawgie 05 Crf 250