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  1. What helmet are you using? I've got a Shoei and my son has a TLD. After looking at multiple helmets it seems (to me anyway) that the space between the chin guard and the top of the helmet has gotten smaller while goggles have gotten bigger. I've tried three different manufacture of goggles and all of them pinch my nose. A friend suggested that I try wearing "youth" goggles as they're smaller top to bottom. I'll likely lose some field of view but I can live with that if I can breath.
  2. N7SLC

    KTM 525 EXC Valve sound

    Yep, they're noisy! Scared the hell out of me the first time I rode mine...
  3. N7SLC

    07 EXC handle bar switch

    Yep, just cut the "peg" off and move it over. That's exactly what I did until I replaced the unit with the Sickass Racing control switch to save even MORE room on the bars. http://www.sicassracing.com/cgi-bin/shoppingcart/agora.cgi?cart_id=965683.3125&p_id=26-042&product=Switches&xm=on&ppinc=search2
  4. Thanks Ron...will keep an eye out. We really like 2XL SX...
  5. N7SLC

    Problem back fire

    Backfires on acceleration? I'd say check the valves / jetting but it's killing 3 batteries? Hmm...sounds like maybe you've got an electrical issue that maybe messing with spark or timing. Sounds like its time to enlist the services of your local dealer.
  6. I agree...I ride an '07 525EXC and it makes a ton of power but the power is so smooth and controllable that even a beginner can ride it easily. My 13-yr old prefers to ride my KTM instead of his WR250. The power of the 530 is very similar. Now, if your budget is up to $10K, I'd definitely give the Husky TE line a good, hard look. That line of bikes are all FI, factory street-legal and light weight! If my bike weren't paid for, I'd really consider trading it for a TE510... Oh and as far as KTMs overheating in the woods...don't believe everything you read. If the bike overheats you're riding too slow, the jetting is too lean or both. Mine doesn't overheat even on +100-degree days.
  7. Ditto...my Dad had his entire lipo charging station for his RC planes go up in flames in his garage. Thankfully, he knew the risk and kept the stuff sitting in the middle of the garage on a tool cart...otherwise, the garage would have gone up in flames.
  8. N7SLC

    Future of off road bikes?????

    It always seems like the off road bikes are are a few years behind when it comes to needed updates. There's no telling how long it'll take for the Big 4 to make their 250 offroaders FI...of course, if you're in a hurry you can always look at Husky. Lightweight, street legal off roaders and yes, they have FI. I'd love to trade in my 525EXC for a TE510.
  9. I learned that cactus is painful and takes a long time to get out of your arm after high-siding in Moab...
  10. An '06 plated in Cali? How'd he do that?
  11. N7SLC

    Best Way To Liven Up my Stock Exhaust

    If it's an '07 you cut it like I did mine: Still ultra quiet? Um, no. They're much louder but still quieter than most open MX exhausts.
  12. I'm running the Sicass LED stuff on the rear of my '07 and kept the stock front signals. They blink a little fast, but they still work. IMO, I think the faster flash rate gets more attention.
  13. N7SLC

    Delle Riders BWare

    That sucks but it is only going to get worse...
  14. N7SLC

    Are all Yellow DRZs the same tone?

    The yellow on the 2000 model is darker than 2001-present. I found that out the hard way when I bought a used tank for my '01 that came off of a '00.
  15. N7SLC

    Custom LED tail lights

    Ingenious design... I wanted something that didn't look homebrew but was still something I could put together. I cheated and went with LED lighting from customdynamics