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  1. rm250ztc

    13/53 gearing 04 rm 250

    cool, Yea I was thinking fww, but Since I got the sprocket lying around I thought it was prolly just as good. I also have v-force 3 reeds, fmf fatty, power core 2, I think I want a gnarly pipe as well.
  2. rm250ztc

    13/53 gearing 04 rm 250

    I just bought a bunch of parts and received a 53t rear sprocket with the package. I was wondering if anyone is running this gearing and how it is. I will be riding alot of mountain trails which are pretty tight until my friends track dries out, so I'm thinking this could be a good setup for it. I just dont want it to be overkill, thanks!
  3. rm250ztc

    2005 RM 250 pro circuit pipe

    Yea I knew it but what's wrong with wishful thinking? it's cool I have an 04 so everything fits. I can do a comparison now with the PC pipe vs. my fmf fatty. Thanks anyways guys!
  4. I just got a gang of parts from a 05 rm 250, I got a PC pipe and silencer with the parts bundle, and was wondering if this fits 01-08 rm's. I have heard that they will from some people, and others say they are different from 04-08. Help please I wanna sell.
  5. rm250ztc

    Might buy A RM!!

    I owned a 2001, it was probably the most fun bike i've ever owned. It has good power for a 125 and the handling is very sharp. Any bike is a good bike if you maintain it properly. If the owner hasn't done a top end lately, spend the extra 200 bucks and put a piston in it. Check things like swing arm/linkage bushings, check wheel bearings, steering etc.
  6. rm250ztc

    Lets see some 250 2 strokers!!

    04 rm 250 it's for sale too! not the prettiest but she's a BEAST 2 smokers fo life y0!
  7. rm250ztc

    2002 ktm 520 sx?

    I'm loooking at a 2002 ktm 520 sx, It's a really good deal..just want to know if anyone owns one, how is the bike overall? reliable? any help would be appreciated.
  8. rm250ztc

    Who is this guy ?

    that looks like so much fun
  9. yes that is a maico! pretty cool bikes, I want that rmz w/ the cr 500 motor sooo bad!
  10. rm250ztc

    My New (to me) CR250

    that looks like an 03, the shrouds on 02's were different.
  11. rm250ztc

    09 Kawi250f or 09 Crf250r?

    dirtrider said that the kxf was the only 250 that came with a race ready motor outta the box!! im sure the honda handles a bit better stock but the kxf motor will dominate the honda. I'm a power guy, so I would go with the kxf. It all depends on what you are comfortable on.
  12. rm250ztc

    NNAASSSTTY video of justin barcia

    ballin outta control! wish I started riding at a younger age
  13. if you look closely you'll notice a rmz 450 stuffed with a cr 500 motor, that made me smile, this was on two stroke militia's site!
  14. rm250ztc

    2 strokers going 4 stroke

    here is a quote from motocross action when they compared the yz250 and the yz250f Q:WHAT ABOUT ENGINE REBUILDS? A:Puhleeze! Two-stroke engines are easier to rebuild, have fewer parts, and the parts cost less. That recipe means that you could rebuild a YZ250 three or four times for the cost of one rebuild on the YZ250F. Don’t even think about the cost of a catastrophic failure on a four-stroke engine. obviously there are more parts to be bought for the 4t but its also obvious that maintenance is the key here, if you take care of your s@#t like you're supposed to you wont spend ridiculous amounts of money.
  15. rm250ztc

    2 strokers going 4 stroke

    I would say if you're going to race competitively/seriously go with the 4 strokes just because the power is more usable on tracks than a 2 stroke and you'll most likely be faster. If you race for fun on weekends and mainly just ride for fun, 2 strokes win everytime IMO. And 4 strokes ARE more expensive to maintain no way around that.