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  1. Mckay

    Anybody have an SXS skid plate?

    Love mine too, mounting is no problem after the first install. Everything seems to bend into alignment after you get a couple rides on it. Im buying another for my 300.
  2. Mckay

    Plug gaps VS manual 4stroke

    Thats what I did and its almost half Betas recommended. Wondering if anybody has set a smaller gap....
  3. Pulled my LKAR8A-9 plug tonight on my 2018 500RRS. Checked the gap, right at 1.0 mm. Went to book and it calls for .5 to .6mm. Jumped on NGK web site and they ship new @ .9mm. What gives? Bike runs fine, just in the area and decided to check.
  4. That’s not fixing it, that’s a bandaid to get home.
  5. Mine is 100% reliable, as it sits in a box in my garage. Took it off because its one thing you cant fix on-trail. (never had an issue with it though) Removed it and installed a Lectron, bike is heaven now.
  6. Mckay

    430 vs others

    Traded my 17 430 to my brother and picked up an 18 500. While the 500 is very nice, that 430 had something about it the 500 doesn't. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
  7. Mckay


    Had a 17 430 that my brother talked moe out of and then I ended up with a 18 500. I sure miss the 430, its not better than the 500 but it just seemed to have something about it that made it very sweet. I wouldn't hesitate on buying another one. Suspension needs attention but what bike doesn't? Go for it, its a superb scooter...
  8. Mckay

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Likely, from trying to move 600lbs of hot air...
  9. Mckay

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    Cant stoop to that level... Maybe my 'sag' is off...
  10. Mckay

    Total loss of compression, or Spark

    ^ This guy for the win!
  11. Mckay

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    Nah, I just push extra hard on ride days!
  12. Mckay

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    I just poop before riding, instant 5 lbs gone, all for free!