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  1. brad143

    2 stroke newbie with ques.

    i wouldnt get that bike... i agree totally with the doubling of the 900$ or if you want you could put a little more and get a pretty nice bike with the money...
  2. brad143

    Not sure what to get

    id say go with the RMZ its an awsome bike the best handling 450 out there!!!! i just got the 06
  3. brad143

    thinking about a cr125?

    hey i'll sell you mine... 2003 cr 125 its a great bike!
  4. brad143

    Louis Vuitton fabric For seat

    yea thats pretty fagish if your a GUY??? and you have lv on your bike.........
  5. brad143

    which bike is better???

    haha shut up shane i do too give it back to you i just like to take it for a few more laps than you tell me to hahah
  6. haha dude you need a freakin 450 if your 6'1 dont be a ***** youll get use to the power and your friend neeeds to get a new bike too damn hahaha
  7. brad143

    which bike is better???

    yea well my best friend has a RMZ450 and its an awsome bike and i sat on the KXF today and it feels good!!! i need a bike thats good for a tall rider hah cause im like 6'3 soo yea....
  8. brad143

    which bike is better???

    yea i am talking about the 06's but its not really just pick a color theres diff. things on all the bikes...
  9. I am thinkin about buyin a 450 and i have wired it down to 2 bikes the RMZ and the KX i was wondering which would be the best one to get because they are both awsome bikes
  10. brad143

    best exhaust for kx450f

    yea that does sound good. well thanks for the info about the gearing and yea haha thats funny about them trying to sound smart but who knows.
  11. brad143

    best exhaust for kx450f

    yea.. cause i have ridden both the rmz450 and the 450sx and i was usually in either 2nd or 3rd gear.. they are fast bikes, i really like the power on them and i think that the gap or w/e they are sayin is there probably isnt the bike.
  12. brad143

    best exhaust for kx450f

    Oh, well thats what i read in transworld some of the test riders for the 06 450 shootout thats what they said they said that there was a gap between 2nd and 3rd gear soo idk..
  13. brad143

    best exhaust for kx450f

    the gap that i have heard about the test riders said that it would be in like either low second or high 3rd thats the gap.
  14. brad143

    best exhaust for kx450f

    I was wondering which is the best exhaust for the new kx450f because i heard that it had a large gap between 2nd and 3rd so i was wondering what would be the best exhaust for it..