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  1. Hey guys been a long time member on here, trying to find someone that may shed some light on this issue. Well, after this last race I figured it would be time to freshen her up and put a new Vertex piston, Rings and had the Cylinder replated to be safe. 100 hrs exactly on the bike when I tore her down. She would burn 400cc of oil in 90 miles. Rebuild went together without any issues and surprisingly the piston and head looked decent but you could tell she had been burning oil because of the rings. Finished it up the other day and installed it back in the bike tonight. Filled the oil, tranny, and coolant and she fired right up. Now here comes the funky part. I always have put 550ml to 600ml in the engine side. It has always been above the sight glass. I honestly never worried about the sight glass because I measure what goes in and what comes out. Well tonight I ran the bike for a bit and changed the oil after an hour just to get the junk out of the engine side if any. Replaced the oil with 600ml and for some odd reason its showing way higher then usual. It's about an Inch from the fill hole. I don't know if i'm just being paranoid because its the first time I have opened this motor up or what. It usually was never that high when I would look into the Filler hole. Should I just ride that damn thing(too late) or just take a bit of oil out and not worry about it? Thanks Guys
  2. desertrider15


    Krannie you didnt like PC. I had mine done recently and its turned out really good. Had to stiffen it up a couple clicks but now I can haul the mail on this bike. Better then my honda by far!
  3. desertrider15

    Whats up guys!

    Haven't been on here in forever. How are all your guys doin?(Coob, krannie, jat) Been busy with work ,school and a bunch of crap. To all the guys that do know who I am. I took the year off from racing. Wasn't feeling it anymore then my first race(rattle snake chase) I was supposed to be my coming out of retirement race . I got taken out by some old guy on the new Supermoto bike I got. Yea yea flame on lol but hey this Husky... Yea I said husky lol. Is a blast and a wheelie king.. I ended up with a lot of roadrash and huge I mean HUGE tire burn on the back of my leg. To top it all off spent 3 days in the hospital with a broken back. About 4 weeks later I'm back on the street ride and getting back into the desert as soon as the doctor clears me to race. Lookin forward to hear some old buddys chime In.
  4. desertrider15

    ASR or Precision Concepts?

    ASR no doubt!! i used to be a very loyal customer at PC but a hefty tranny bill is what steered me away also my suspension was all jacked up when I got it serviced there too. AS did my suspension and he'll be getting my motor next.
  5. desertrider15

    Trading in one rocket for another??

    LOL the Monster Graphics is what got me hooked. No, Probably brand new. But well see what Honda has in September then I'll make my decision. Ill sell you that 1V plate...6000 obo
  6. desertrider15

    Rumors...for 2011 !

    ahhhhh here we go again as soon as summer starts. lol there just gonna come out with a CRF250L that you can get in pink.. And there gonna tell us we have to wait till next year. I'm just gonna wait till September Ill keep riding my X if no new X in September i can already see a new kawi in there
  7. desertrider15

    Trading in one rocket for another??

    Well guys I know its tough to say but I might be getting a new KAWI. The X has been a nice ride but its been put through alot of torture with me on it. Its hard to say but shes clapped out. Before I get the KAWI she'll be getting a fresh top end in her for my Dad. Now its time to make a parts list.
  8. desertrider15

    74V Is Proof

    Man I saw That 450x in front for a while on your start :thumbsup:
  9. desertrider15

    fuel filter

    There's actually another one in the carb inlet where your fuel line connects too.
  10. desertrider15

    "X" Videos ;)

    I would but ill be in mission bay this up coming weekend.
  11. desertrider15

    "X" Videos ;)

    We should all hook up there. I dont live but 30 mins from there.
  12. desertrider15

    "X" Videos ;)

    Well guys I forgot my Helmet cam this weekend but we had a Bitchen Ride. The Dip was perfect and so was the dirt.
  13. desertrider15

    "X" Videos ;)

    hahaha hey he came onto me.:lol:
  14. desertrider15

    "X" Videos ;)

    Get your mind outta the gutter!! LOL Well since just about everyone has a helmet cam. Nobody ever post up videos of the rides and such. Lets start a thread on videos and riding your 450x. I'll start with one and ill post up a couple more after this weekend. CS105 I know you gotta couple, as well for Mr.Airtime. Lets get a Location too. Lets get this going!
  15. desertrider15

    Worst Day on the 450x Ever

    haha no hes a good buddy of mine. The funny thing is our moms kinda look alike also. haha you should have seen his skills when we came over the hill where your fiance was...it was all muddy and there was a good sized canyon,when he came over the hill his blazer went into the canyon and he flew in the passangers seat. the look on his face was priceless. Goodthing there was alot of mud in there already to help cover up his little mishap.LMAO Krannie that sounds like a good deal! im gonna have to make some plans to come up there. typed from my HTC Touch Pro 2