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  1. elrack

    How to get head off 450?

    I got mine off with little problem ('08 450). Mine was hitting the radiator connector pointing down coming out of the frame. You can push that up into the frame a little bit and it gives you enough clearance. Even more difficult is getting the cylinder and piston installed with the motor in the frame. Next time I shall remove the motor.
  2. I am biased against the recent Suzukis. I have seen a broken set of triple clamps, a broken dogbone on the the rear suspension, thrown rod, cracked case, and abnormally high wear of clutch plates and baskets. This is on three different 450s (2 '06s, and an '08). So based off what I have seen I would buy anything else but a Suzuki. Same dudes who got rid of these and bought different 450s ('08 YZ & CR, '09 KX) Have not had any problems yet.
  3. elrack

    KTM Reliability.

    I had a great time with my '06 Kxf 250. I had 90 hours on it when I sold it. All stock. piston changes at 30hours and oil at 5. Not one single problem. Now running an '08 450sxf. Only 16hours on it so it just coming out of break in. Four problems so far. 1 - had to bleed the clutch, 2 - frame guard tape just peeled off, 3 - Going to have to get suspension re-valved, 4 - chain came off during a race. The first two are very minor, #3 shows that the suspension is not up to par with my last bike. #4 is just a freak thing (I think a rock derailed it). I had a KTM (525) prior to my KX and I really missed it so I am back. There is something about them that I just love.
  4. elrack

    Pro-x piston question

    A few months ago I put in a new piston, a Pro-x brand. Everything is fine exept I noticed that the bike didn't seem to have the bottom and mid as before. It is subtle enough that it could be jetting. Yesterday I had a thought thought that maybe the piston I put in is lower compression than the stock '06 piston. I ordered from dennis kirk, I looked in there catalog and see they spec this for '04-'06 bikes. I went to Pro-x's web site and cannot find any info for compression on the piston. Could they be selling a lower compression piston (by '06 specs) to match the '04-'05 bikes?
  5. elrack

    Graphic removal help

    To remove the left over adhesive and prep the plastic for new graphics use a solvent containing toluene and xylene. They are excellent at taking it off. Some Carb cleaners have these in them. If you can still find it, Honda brand carb cleaner is bar none the best adhesive remover I have ever used. They don't make it anymore
  6. elrack

    07' 250f Crank play???

    If you can feel any up or down play it is no good. It is hard to tell though without the side to side play getting in the way. I shim the crank equally on bothsides to take out the side to side play and then pull on the crank. I also put a dial indicator on the big end to try and measure any movement. The best way to do it is to take the crank right out. If your crank is that bad (making that much noise) you might have signs of excessive wear on your rings/piston/cylinder. Maybe even an obvious spot where the pistion is hitting the head. You might want to take the bottom end to a local repair shop and have a mechanic check the crank. Its you second opinion.
  7. elrack

    Post in here is your bike has been reliable

    55 hours no valve adjustments, just replaced rings on piston-everything was in spec change oil every 7.5 hours, filter every 15 use mobile mx4t w/ two2cool
  8. elrack

    overheating and slight knocking noise

    Quick update, about 1.5 hours on it since I replaced the rings. That time include one race. Temps are still the norm(right around 200f), Does seem to be a tad louder after I ride it hard. It is so subtle it may have been there before just never noticed it. One thing changed, It is back to a 1-kick start. I was up to a whopping 3 just before I rebuilt. So even though the rings were in spec (barely) it may have helped.
  9. elrack

    overheating and slight knocking noise

    I checked the crank, no play. I put it back together and took it out last night. Everything seems fine. Temperature stayed at the norm (193-200f). Could too much oil cause overheating? I did put more oil in it than I normally do (just above the sight glass and some did come out of the oil vent hose). This time I put in enough to fill the sight glass about a third of the way up which is what I normally do.
  10. elrack

    overheating and slight knocking noise

    I measured correctly, the compression ring was at .014". The oil rings were around .030" so I guess that is border line. Good to know about the crank. I couldn't feel any play but I didn't put a dial indicator on it. The lack of wear on the cylinder and piston lead me to think that is not it. I will double check that.
  11. '06 250f, 54 hours on it. Last night I rode for about 15 minutes. When I stopped I thought the engine sounded louder than normal. I looked at my temperature sticker on the side of the cylinder head and it was higher than usual (usually around 200, today over 250, could have been up to 290). I tore the top end down thinking piston/rings, but everything was is spec, including valves, cam chain. This seems to have happened very fast. I rode the night before and everything was status quo ( I always check my temp stick and that night it was the norm at 200). I can only think of two things. 1: I had a slight oil leak on the cylinder head gasket so I took that off and but a bead of silicone on it. I seemed to have a problem getting the gas tank back on and am wondering if somehow I pinched a radiator hose.(it was hot enough to blow some coolant out the overflow). 2: I killed the motor coming into a corner by slamming on the rear brake and not pulling in the clutch fast enough. I had enough momentum to restart the motor by just taking my foot off the brake. Could I have somehow done some damage to the tranny? Sounds unlikely to me but I cannot think of anything else. There was no play in the crank, less than an hour on the newest oil change. Anyone?
  12. elrack

    Bulging L-5 ?

    I used the medex health and back program as well. I just finished my maintance program and now incorporate some back specific stretches and exercises into my daily workout. I was very happy with it and will go back if I ever have a flair-up.
  13. elrack

    KX250F Valve problems?

    I think all of the manufacturers make their OEM valves this way. Over time that is where the valve will break. Typically the valve wears out before they break.
  14. elrack

    06 KX250F Carb adjustment problems HELP!!

    #1 - what is the measurement you are getting before adjusting it? I am guessing the manual is right. You can always try it both ways. #2 - The ap should only work up to 1/4 throttle and don't think it should be causing starting problems unless you are twisting the throttle when you are starting it. That would cause flooding.
  15. elrack

    250f problems

    I can think of 3 thing that would cause this. 1: too much oil 2: piston rings not doing their job anymore 3: Carb needle is stuck open and the gas was left on (it can fill the crankcase with gas).