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  1. TEHusky

    Bearing numbers and seal sizes 06TE450?

    If you go to Halls you can download the parts catalogue which has all the part numbers in it. If you have trouble downloading it let me know and i will look up the numbers for you.
  2. TEHusky

    Easy, Free Mods?

    My 2000 TE410 had the airbox mod which is very simple to do and apart from a bit of mesh/gauze costs nothing. Among other things, mine had a modified exhaust which I guess would also be fairly cheap. It was shortened somewhat with a twin endcap. I don't remember the jetting I had but that would go hand in hand with the exhaust mod. The picture attached should give some idea of the shortened exhaust and opened up airbox. .. http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/TEHusky/100_0449.jpg
  3. I think he means one of these: http://www.chux.com.au/content.aspx?id=26 It is a brand of dishwashing cloth here is Australia.
  4. TEHusky

    Drowned CRF150F-Help sought

    Thanks mate, I'll give it a go & see what happens.
  5. Hoping for some advice: Last weekend my son drowned his '06 150F. The engine was shut down quickly and de-watered shortly after. Once going again the bike ran OK but with a bit of steam coming out the exhaust. No engine noise then or now. On the way back to the car the bike stopped changing gears and would only find neutral and 1st gear. After getting home I dumped the oil which was pretty watery and grey. A further two oil changes saw it changing gears fine (while running on a stand). The final oil change was with mineral 15W-50 oil and again no problem changing gears while running on a stand. I rode the bike a short time ago and it will only find 1st and Neutral while under load. When changing up from 1st it will only find N. The question is: Does anyone have any thoughts before I start splitting the case or taking it into the shop???? The problem seems to be only when the bike is under load. The clutch seems to be grabbing OK.
  6. TEHusky

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    APEX Club Charity Ride 6 May, 2007. State Forest - Termeil - South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/TEHusky/HuskyatApexRide.jpg
  7. TEHusky

    410 overbore

    I had a 2000 TE410 with a modified TC cam, exhaust & air box mod. When the mod on the TC cam began to pit I put in a 610 cam and the bike was awesome. Power was smooth and it just kept coming unlike the modified TC cam that tapered off quickly. On that bike the bigger cam was the best thing I ever did on it and I infact tried to buy the thing back a while ago (without success).
  8. TEHusky

    Cool Carb vent/filter

    This was a one off so to speak however, I spoke to Mick today and he has made some up that will be finished next week. He told me you could get one by calling him direct or email through R&D. Mine is prototype only. If you were to buy one he said it probably wouldn't be pre-drilled which would allow someone to set up whatever way they want. I took it out in a paddock today and afer some fiddling discovered that the one-way breather poking out the top interferes with the airflow up the carby vents. More work to be done.
  9. TEHusky

    Cool Carb vent/filter

    Bike is an 06 TE450.
  10. TEHusky

    Cool Carb vent/filter

    With the risk of hijacking the thread, I was curious for thoughts given there seems to be plenty of talk about venting and so on. Having thought about the venting for both the carby and crankcase breather for a while, I spoke to Mick Noble who has the workshop at R&D Husky in Australia when I took my bike in for a service and this was the product of our discussion. While it is a kind of prototype for a TE, it is a catch tank he uses on motards albeit mounted a bit differently. The idea was to catch any oil from the crankcase breather and to allow the carby vents to do their thing without getting any dust in. Any oil can be drained through the bottom (and measured). While I liked the idea of a washable filter like others have done I was curious to know how much oil might be lost. The size of this might be one potential problem but time will tell - also the potential for sticks or whatever getting stuck. Curious for any thoughts? Sorry if this is going off track from the original thread. http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/TEHusky/P3300293.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/TEHusky/P3300290.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m114/TEHusky/P3300288.jpg
  11. TEHusky

    Help: te 510 vs KTM 525

    Australasian Dirtbike Magazine have just publicised their 2007 enduro bike shootout and the Husky TE510 won, coming first in both motor & handling and second to the KTM in ergos. The overall score card for both bikes was .6 difference which in the scheme of things is nothing. If you can get the magazine there is a detailed breakdown of the test with these two bikes plus the Sherco5.1, TM530Fes, Berg FE550e & Aprilia RXV550. The Beta was not available for the test. From the magazine: A summary for the 510 was: "A brilliant torquey motor, impressive handling and suspension with comfortable ergos to boot. It's as a close to race-ready as a big bore gets yet still versatile for the average punter looking to blast the trails." Also, "A torque spewing powerhouse with a chassis equipped for speed. These are the base elements that secured the TE510 its spot as this years big-bore shootout winner. It slots into ruts like a 125, processes acceleration bumps at the turn of the throttle and remains stable no matter how hard you push." Short summary for the 525 was: "With more cosmetic upgrades than internal for '07, the KTM's ride characteristics are very close to last year's bike. A super-smooth engine and nimble handling weren't enough to make the KTM top dog once again."
  12. I wouldn't waste my money. I have had those things in the past and they have never fit perfectly or I've lost them. The best I have found by far was the one I made myself - out of 4x2 wood cut a couple of mm longer than the gap between the top of the tyre and the bottom of the front guard so that fork extends slightly when the brace is in place. I have a piece of c channel screwed to the bottom of the brace to slip onto/over the tyre. The c channel was an off cut from channel used on the trailer. Painted black you would never know. Cost = Nil.
  13. TEHusky

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    And I thought I was the only one that sometimes puts a foot down into air on uneven ground and then falls off - much to the amusement of my mates. I am 5'10 and like the height except for... I am going to raise the bars a bit though.
  14. TEHusky

    Aussie Husky Owners - parts supply

    R&D at Emu Plains are the way to go - they are the biggest dealer in the country and believe it or not, they once told me that selling bikes is not their core business. I have never had to wait for anything with these guys. If they can't get it or help you,I don't think anyone can. They were also the Australian Husky importer, at least until not that long ago at least. www.husky.com.au
  15. TEHusky

    jetting specs for the 450's...

    As for the mag: I have been subscribing to this here in Australia for some years and their website posts some good info as you can see. By memory, I think it is the biggest selling dirt bike magazine in the country. Their '07 450 comparison put the TE450 as 3rd, coming behind the KTM and the new WR as first. Funny given there is little or no change with the '07 model, that the same comparison last year put the Husky at about 5th of 6th.