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  1. it said REED was going for the 250 title... not bubba.. and if you listen they actually sound like 2 strokes. there ARE 4 strokes in there... but if you pay attention you can tell they are 2strokes that reed and stewart are riding.
  2. Meshmez

    Oops! Must see pic

    you mean "Kmart Trail Machine"
  3. Meshmez

    Backwards Oil Filter???

    if you put it the filter in backwards... i dont think the oil circulates through it correctly does it?
  4. Meshmez

    Oops! Must see pic

    ya... but i would much rather have to replace valves than have my bike fall apart on me and probably hurt me. this reminds me of that contraption pastrana rode in the X-games a few years back.....
  5. Meshmez

    What's your quickest time for shimming valves?

    i put stainless steel valves in mine.. i check them every once in a while, but the clearances haven't moved in the year they have been in there!
  6. Meshmez

    Sticky Throttle...no more slack...?

    like someone else said, you probably have the cables routed wrong. my cables were routed wrong once and i had the same problem.
  7. Meshmez

    Penguins link

    ill see if i can get it. im pretty sure the guys taping it were the ranch owners. we dont normally actually get to see the vid
  8. Meshmez

    Penguins link

    ya right! where is the fun in that?!?! we get the video from the guys and watch it at the end of the year and laugh at you guys! just kidding:p that crossing was almost taken out, if we had gotten any rain that week it probably would have been taken out. but then the rest of the trails probably wouldnt have been as dusty it was a hot day, we figured you guys needed a cool down:ride:
  9. Meshmez

    Penguins link

    I agree that some of the pre-reg's got the shaft, and that shouldnt have happened, i think what will happen next year is something along the lines of what you said. shirt sizes should be selected on your entry form, and then shirts should be handed out when you check in. we did have 2 lines for pre reg and walk up, we actually had 2 for pre reg and one for walk up... it just didnt end up working quite right.. haha as for the "race start" its like that every year. everyone wants to be the first one out there, and trying to stagger it might be a little tough. really your best bet is to just wait a little bit at the start and take your time getting ready. let them rush out there in a pack, and then you can run at your own pace. the lunch and gas stop dont close down till sweep comes through, so we wont be abandoning anyone out there as for the lack of porta potties..... yaaa... i dont know what happened on that one... that was one of the first things i asked the guys that coordinated it. i think there had been some nearby for the last few weeks for all the construction workers so they figured they would still be there or something... and there were restrooms in the buildings across the street that the coordinators werent expecting to be locked. i felt especially bad for the ladies who needed to go.. Im glad you all enjoyed it, and please keep your ideas and suggestions coming. they are not going unheard!
  10. Meshmez

    01 yz125 jetting help

    thanks for all the help/suggestions guys! i have to run the Q pipe because of the sound and spark arrestor laws around here. i have a FMF SST, and a couple small silencers, but i dont really use them for the above reasons. so i figured i should get my jetting set for the setup i use most. i forgot about mentioning gearing. i have changed it some but i forget right now what i actually went to. i know i went for more torque/less top end so its probably right about where you guys are saying to have it. what weight flyweight should i go with? dtkiko talked about it a little but what is everyone elses opinion? is there a disadvantage to going too heavy? or is it just going to make it rev slightly slower and not really matter? hopefully this week i will have time to start messing with it. i have been meaning to but i have been so busy with work and school! i think i also have a problem with my float/valve cuz sometimes gas will just leak out the bowl overflow vent. im sure that isnt helping with my rich condition either... haha thanks again guys. you have reinforced what i was thinking i needed to do, and given me a direction to go in.
  11. Meshmez

    new doubles

    make them bigger! it looks like you are both already over jumping them! haha i wish i had land like that
  12. Meshmez

    Show your hourmeter!

    i think its right in the top middle the little 3 in the lower right of the frame is hundreds, and the big #'s is hours/minutes up to 99/59. thats my guess at least
  13. Meshmez

    Show your hourmeter!

    Sears: $29.99 http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/product.do?pid=07124175000&vertical=Sears&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes the MX ones are like $39.99 but they DO look identical, so you could save 10 bucks. that is.. if your local sears has one... my bet is mine doesnt.. they dont have much of anything.. hahah
  14. Meshmez

    shifting questions

    thanks for the offer... i think ill just go out and ride instead:applause:
  15. Meshmez

    shifting questions

    of course using the clutch less means less abuse to the clutch.... thats like saying "well if you dont ever wear your shoes the soles wont get worn down" my point is.. clutch plates are $100 and take 30 min or less to change out... transmission damage on the other hand can be much more costly in both time and money. yes you can shift without using the clutch... you can do it in a car too if you are good. but it still puts more wear on your transmission internals. if you can do it exactly right (rev matching, no load, etc) every time then you are probably no different than if you were using the clutch. but chances are, especially in the heat of a race, your shifts arent going to be perfect even 90% of time time. giving the clutch a little pull while shifting allows for more cushion to the meshing gears in the form of clutch slippage. im not saying that ever shift should be "clutch all the way in, shift gear, clutch all the way out" but feathering it a bit while shifting will make things go a lot smoother. i would much rather abuse my clutch than my gears.