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  1. MTO

    Chad Reed does it again!

    Didn't he move to Albania or something like that?
  2. MTO

    Ryans air shock

    Maybe...but he can't win races from a hospital bed. I'll say it again - he's lucky it went on the starting line.
  3. MTO

    Ryans air shock

    Gotta admit, that whole scenario lit a fire under dungey. Worst gate pick, top of the podium. He's just lucky that shock didn't go on the face of a triple.
  4. MTO


    Good job, loved it!
  5. MTO

    CBS Sucks...sign the petition !

    Would like to have seen them strap a couple of pier blocks to Guy Fieri's feet and toss him in the bay, but other than that it was great.
  6. MTO

    Could K Dub be a good flat tracker?

    I would like to see him do offroad.
  7. MTO

    Roczen down hard!

    Fastest qualifier.
  8. MTO

    Free Anaheim 2 stream link

    Have you ever seen that in sx? The streamers always stream the tv show as it's happening (in sx). We can also put men on the moon but probably not going to see a supercross there.
  9. MTO

    Free Anaheim 2 stream link

    I have enough time or crayons to explain it to you.