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  1. Nielly

    Tempermental starting

    '07 still carbed? Anyway, pull the gas tank off and check to see that no wires are pinched in the tight area around the top of the radiators. I would be tracing the clutch safety switch wires along with the switch itself. The other thing I would look at is a loose connector somewhere in the starter circuit. The vibes during running may be causing your issue. Check the battery connections. Take them off and clean them. Also check the connection at the starter itself. It could be an internal battery fault (cracked plate). If you could borrow a battery from someone to check you could save some dough and frustration if it turns out to be something else.
  2. Nielly

    TE 250-06, Won't start!!!argggg

    For valve checking look at the inportant information sticky at the top of the page. Look in the "Engine" link to find the procedures. It's really pretty straight-forward. You just need the right sized feeler guages.
  3. Nielly

    1997 nissan pick up question?

    If your 97 is the same as my 99 it has 2 oxygen sensors. My light went on last year and i just picked up a cheap code reader and the little booklet it comes with has the code translations. My #2 sensor went bad but didn't notice any change in gas mileage. I doubt that it would cause more than 50% decrease in mileage but perhaps increase emissions. Sorry don't know what a swirl valve is. My Haynes manual says 1997 and newer do indeed have a fuel temp sensor (inside the fuel tank). Do you know what # code the swirl valve error was? I could look it up for you and see if it is called something else.
  4. Nielly

    TE 250-06, Won't start!!!argggg

    Did you check that you are getting a good spark at the spark plug? When is the last time you checked your valve clearances?
  5. I am in the process of refreshing my bike for spring and wanted the oem graphics for the new panels. Dealer wasn't optimistic but ordered them for me and they came 2 weeks later.
  6. Nielly

    I joined the club

    Congrats! Other than checking the air filter and fluids one thing easy thing you might want to right away is the rear brake line. Where is curves back from the master cyclinder it can contact the engine case. If it is then you just need to loosen the banjo bolt very slightly (you don't want to have to bleed to brake) and rotat it a bit. Enjoy the ride.
  7. Nielly

    want original signals for my TE450

    Baja Designs, the place that sells the dual sport kits has replacement parts and (at least they used to) sell directionals almost identical to the stock ones. Same bullet type connectors. You would just have to fab up some brackets.
  8. Nielly

    610 Throttle cable help.

    There was a lot of talk over on ADV Rider that many felt that the cable routing was poor and would lead to premature failure if not corrected. You might want to go over there and poke around in the huge TE610 thread in the Thumpers section to see what others have done.
  9. Check the NJ DMV site. I think you need to have pictures of the FMVSS sticker and something else and a full picture of the bike. I imagine that someone somewhere in Jersey is still getting plates for dirt bikes but it's certainly getting a lot harder even with a previously titled bike.
  10. Nielly

    Don't get it

    I'd tend agree with Kreig. With the current ecomonic uncertainty companies are looking for any way to cut overhead not add to it and though you don't hear about BMW in the news a lot looking for a bailout I'd have to imagine that they are being hit as hard as everyone else in the business. Hopefully, this will be short-term and confidence will return.
  11. Nielly

    Rattle at start up

    I have an 06 TE450 and on cold start-up I always get the little rattle. I suspect it is the auto decompressor. I don't recall that it did it when new but it's been doing it for some time now and doesn't seem to affect anything or be getting any worse. I don't worry about it - oil changes always come out nice and clean.
  12. Nielly

    Meteor Dual Sport Nov 8&9,2008

    Didn't bring the camera so sorry, no pics. But if you go over to advrider and check out the hammer run thread in the same section someone posted a video (it's near the end of the thread) that shows some of their hero sections. Pretty much looks just like that with some hero sections of Sunday's Meteor run quite a bit tighter. Got good use out of the bark busters
  13. Nielly

    Meteor Dual Sport Nov 8&9,2008

    Did the Sunday ride and it was awesome. Left at 8:45ish and got back in at 2:30 or so. Did all the hero sections and especially liked the one at mile 68 and also, I think, the one after that where it got pretty tight with all the course tape up. Not much water at all and go-arounds at the big holes. Great ride.
  14. 30 minutes at 60 (posted or actual) is doable on the 450. You won't be anywhere near full throttle. But it's not all that comfortable. If you can get away with gearing it a little taller. Like 1 tooth higher in front so you don't have to change anything else except to adjust the chain slack makes a pretty noticable difference. The non-cooling fan thing bugged me at first but as long as your cognizant of the fact and act accordingly - like trying to avoid idling for extended periods (roll up to red lights, etc..) you shouldn't have a problem You can always rig up a fan as some have. I have a '06 but I found the road manners pretty good given the limitations of the DOT knobbies on the street.
  15. Nielly

    Carb Boot 06 TE450

    Someone had reported a similar issue a while back. I'm not sure if it was on an '06 but ever since then, I take a good look at it whenever I clean the bike. Based on feedback on this site it doesn't seem like a common problem though.