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  1. damn-yankee

    )7 Rhc 250

    LOL. Yep, you can't forget those graphics! We all know it's not "Works" until it has shinny plastic and stickers. Those torque numbers are insane... I want to ride it!
  2. damn-yankee

    Belgian motorcrossgirl needs help

    I have the dual PC Ti-4's on an 06 and they add a lot of low and mid range with no loss on top. Most single pipes produces more power on top and duals make their peak power and torque a little earlier.
  3. damn-yankee

    Put me in coach...

    Welcome back... Congrats!
  4. damn-yankee

    Doing AP Mod and need some help

    Yes, The float baffle is in the bottom of the float bowl held on by those black screws. Toss it in the trash! If you don't have a float height gauge try to measure the best you can with something. It doesn't take much to raise the float height 1.5-2 mm's. You're correct, it should be about 4-4.5 mm's when you're done.
  5. damn-yankee

    2007 crf 250R price questions

    That's not a bad price. The cheapest I've seen anywhere is southernhonda.com in Chattanooga, TN... $5,333 out the door.
  6. damn-yankee

    For you CRF250 lovers

    Those are some insane whips!
  7. damn-yankee

    CRF250 airfilter

    I switch between OEM and Twin-Air... The OEM seems more sturdy, but they both work great. Thanks for the link to the Pro-Seal. I just ordered one. No more messing with grease around the seal!!!
  8. damn-yankee

    who replaced thier 06 carb?

    Tokyomods.com It's the best mod on my bike by far... Unbelievable throttle response. You can not get it to bog no matter how fast you twist the throttle. I tried a 38mm carb insert and it worked ok, but it makes the bike fall a little flat on top.
  9. damn-yankee

    New Pro Circuit Exhaust

    Nice bike! I'm pretty sure all the 'Ti-4's' are titanium. The T-4's are stainless. I have the Ti-4 duals on my crf and it's titanium... I'd bet yours is to. What exactly do the 'new' style end caps do? Sound? Power? They do look pretty cool.
  10. damn-yankee

    Winter Makeover Complete

    Nice graphics. The front brake line should be routed to the inside of the fork tube. Bike looks good though!
  11. damn-yankee

    yz or crf

    I have both bikes and you're right they each have their strengths, but to say Yamaha = reliability... Not from my experience. That's an over used misconception IMO. I won't hesitate to buy any of the 250f's... They're all good bikes these days. They're all high revving race motors and things happen no matter what color they are.
  12. damn-yankee

    yz or crf

    I see you're 14 y/o and probably know it all, but you may want to recheck your "facts". Aluminum??? hmmm.. Maybe that's why my 02 Yami's valves went tight in under 20 hrs...
  13. damn-yankee

    Get me out of novice class

    Screwed... or hosed.
  14. damn-yankee

    Get me out of novice class

    Sandbagging is a slang term to describe someone that acts weaker than they are to gain an advantage against lesser opponents. Like someone riding in the novice class that should be in the intermediate class.
  15. damn-yankee

    06 or 07 crf250r

    The 06 has been a great bike. No problems at all... besides the awful stock jetting. I'd get the 07 because the new cam, porting and carb mods. Not sure if it's worth the road trip for you, but southernhonda.com has 06's for $4683 OTD and 07's for $5283 OTD. It's in Chattanooga, TN.