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  1. dominator426

    oem engine parts best prices

    TT does ship internationally via USPS by default, unless you specify UPS in the special instructions box; http://oem.thumpertalk.com/internationalshipping.aspx They really are cheaper too. The $10 membership fee seems well worth it... I could slap a new piston, rings and pin in my 426 with 11500 miles on it, but I don't think it even needs it.
  2. dominator426

    250/426 valve shims

    Most of the original shims in your 426 are not in .05 increments. You should be able to switch most of them around to achieve close to middle of setting range on all 5 valves. If your third valve already has a .05 increment shim, leave it at .12 mm. (.10 -15 mm int./.20 -.25 mm exh.)
  3. They do have the street legal 2007 WR450 in Australia, complete with turn signals; http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/motor/images/models/347/347.pdf
  4. dominator426

    Backfire screen - keep or remove?

    Cutting out the screen on my 2002 426 made a significant difference. I actually had to switch to a thinner/richer needle to make it work. I've never had a backfire or any concerns with a UNI air filter and Maxima's synthetic Fab 1 filter oil... By the way, I was also able to improve air flow by matching the carb to engine rubber flange inner bore, which closes in when tightened, as well as remove flaws and ridges at the airbox flange, etc.
  5. Using warm water will give it time to disperse air bubbles before it freezes. Agitating it a bit in the freezer a couple times before it freezes would help as well... I'll try it on my stone dented original header.
  6. dominator426

    Adv 640 1st valve adjustment

    So at 1700 Kms (1100 miles), both intake valve clearances were at 0.11 mm, now set at 0.14 mm. One exhaust was at 0.16 mm, the other at 0.12 mm, now both at 0.15 mm. Exhaust valve clearance reportedly tends to decrease over time, and the intake clearances should stabilize after first adjustment... A couple lock nuts were incredibly tight, but the rockers seem pretty solid and made of steel instead of aluminum.
  7. dominator426

    LC4 oil?

    Does anyone run 0W40 / 10W40, or just 10W50, 15W50 and 20W50? Amsoil's synthetic 0W40's viscosity is actually higher than their 10W40 at operating temperature. It works great in my WR 426 and was fine even in a air-cooled DR650... We will try it in buddy's 2007 Adv 640. There was a very interesting test including lab analysis and dyno run of most known synthetic motorcycle oils including Amsoil vs regular oil; http://www.sportrider.com/tech/146_0310_oil/
  8. dominator426

    690sm head gasket issue

    It would be a good idea to retorque the head after a couple hundred miles as it settles back in...
  9. Now at 1400 Kms (800 miles) on his 2007 Adv 640, I am trying to convince my noob friend to let me check and adjust his valve lash clearance (.12 to .15 mm) and prevent damage. I was able to get in the exhaust side when we changed his oil, and only managed to fit his .003" (.076 mm) standard gauge, but could check again properly by opening the clearance to insert my metric feeler gauges more easily... Do they tend to get tighter and need loosening to avoid burning valves? Any idea how much off the intake and exhaust valves end up at by the 1st and second inspection? Thanks.
  10. dominator426

    Clarity for checking valves

    Valve clearance specs are still the same for a YZ timed WR, or for a YZ; 0.10 - 0.15 mm intake 0.20 - 0.25 mm exhaust
  11. dominator426

    Blue smoke start up after sitting hot?

    What kind and grade of oil are you using, Thumper_426?
  12. dominator426

    What can be done to improve my forks???

    You can upgrade the fluid with Amsoil's synthetic Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #5 Light (STL). https://www.amsoil.com/storefront/stl.aspx
  13. Kit includes a different needle and pilot fuel jet, no idea which ones though. You better get the proper needle for your setup. I didn't need a kit to seal off AIS on my 426... Have you tried opening your pilot fuel screw at all? How many turns out is it at now? You can find the right jetting from others with the same setup at near the same elevation, most likely with a JD kit.