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  1. motoman393

    MotoMan's Heart

    Hello everyone, this is Matt Sandt, Garrett's best friend. I didnt want to post under his name, but I dont know his password, and I am sitting at his computer and I dont want to log him out. I wanted to let everyone know that tonight we have heard the news that his heart was alredy used to save 1 mans life. He has been on the list for 4 years, and now he can live healthy with Garrett's heart. I wanted to let ya'll know, because Garrett was a big on helping people, and he is still helping people. Tonight was Garrett's viewing, and over 350 people showed up, a few from TT, and we appreciate everything you guys have done. It means a lot to his parents, and me. I just wanted to let ya'll know, about his heart. -Matt Sandt
  2. motoman393

    An Animated Tribute to Garrett

    Hello! My name is Mike Berg, Garrett's Dad. I can't tell you how TOUCHED I am by this Tribute to my Son! Thank you so much. My computer monitor needs some windsheid wipers - hard to see! I am honored that my Son earned such a following by such a fine group of "Thumpers." I now know what he was doing for all those hours he spend on TT. The only thing he enjoyed more than TT was working his YZ, or my YZ. Thanks you so much for your creativity and spirit! May God Bless you always! Sincerely, Mike Berg Home: 281.482.2522 Mobil: 281.831.3080
  3. Hi guys this is Shannon! Garrett's little Sister! I really do that you for every kind word that goes out to him! One thing i do want everyone to remember is that he was the best brother in the world and i loved him something fearce! I just cant believe he's gone! Im glad he was able to help alot of you all i know he sure did! Once again thanks a lot! Remember the good times not the bad! This Sucks one question Why Garrett? I dont understand! Shannon
  4. motoman393

    YZ450 Sprockets - Gearing for more torque?

    I tried a 49 and like the 48 (stock) much better. I need 4th gear WFO at some tracks around here so going up one in the rear made a big difference. The bike already pulls much harder off the bottom than my 426 did I dont need lower gearing. Later, Garrett
  5. motoman393

    Need Brake caliper for 98 YZ400

    I have just the bracket off a 98' YZ400 if you want it. Pay for shipping and its yours! Email me at motoman393@hotmail.com Later, Garrett
  6. motoman393

    To all except EGO

    Make sure you have the correct rate fork springs for your weight/skill (BTW I just posted a topic it the for sale section where Im selling front and rear springs). This allows the front end to drop in corners and allows you to carve corners much better. Make sure your spring preload isnt too much. The front tire is also a big factor in how well you can turn. Do you ride hardpack, sand, mud, etc?
  7. motoman393


    for $6700 I think you will be keeping the bike awhile!
  8. Texas Yamaha South Houston has 1 set left. They are $37.63 give Angel a call. Later, Garrett
  9. Try K's Motorsports and Houston Yamaha they also might have them! BTW Where you guys riding Sunday? Im going to Splendora on Sunday and were planning on VP Cycleranch next weekend woohoo! [ September 20, 2002, 08:43 PM: Message edited by: motoman393 ]
  10. LOL Check your sprocket bolts I already trashed a sprocket due to bolts coming loose. Make sure you loctite the tapered head! Later, Garrett
  11. Wyatt, I think I remember stocking a set at my dealership. If we dont have one at my location we have 2 other sister stores and chances are between 3 stores they will have a set. Give me a call at Texas Yamaha South @ 281-338-1636 (ask for me in Parts) we open at 9am and I will check the other stores databases. Good Luck, Garrett BTW here are the addresses and #'s to Texas Yamaha Texas Yamaha South 1660 FM 528 RD, WEBSTER, TX 77598 (281) 338-1636 Ask for me! Texas Yamaha Gulf Coast 8302 FM 1765, Texas City, TX 77591 (409) 933-1982 Ask for Carl in Parts (tell him Garrett sent you) Texas Yamaha South Houston 305 SPENCER HWY, SOUTH HOUSTON, TX 77587 (713) 941-1991 Ask for Angel in Parts (tell her Garrett sent you)
  12. Motion Pro Terminator T2 cables! They are cheaper than stock, smoother than stock and they look sweet (they're gray) I had some on my 426 and they wore very well (I also bent the tab that holds the cables, to elimiate the fraying problem associated with the 400/426) I think Yamaha finally fixed the fraying problem on the 450 this year. I took the carb off a few nights ago and it looks much different than the 426's.
  13. motoman393

    Making your head pipe beautiful

    Trying to make your bike look faster Zach? One way to clean your header is undiluted Round-Up (the weed killer) I found this out on accident. I was cleaning my header with a squirt bottle that I thought was cleaner. But I soon realized it was Round Up due to the smell. It quickly cleaned the pipe, with the use of steel wool. There must be some types of acid in Round Up (I didnt read the label) but it works well. Later, Garrett
  14. motoman393

    Thunder Alley / Ceramic coating

    Hick, Oh and it looks even better in person Later, Garrett
  15. motoman393

    What do you do in the off season?

    Off season...whats that? I live in Tejas!