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    Riding in the desert. Racing trucks. Snowboarding. Mountain biking.
  1. hondamoto74

    suspension setup question (150 lbs rider)

    No problem. I have them at home and will post up when I get home from work today.
  2. hondamoto74

    suspension setup question (150 lbs rider)

    I have a 2008 450x and I am the same weight as you. I do an even mix of wide open trails and tighter trails as well. I took the time to set up the sag, do adjustments with the clickers and changed the oil out numerous times when doing basic maintenance or seal replacements. I had it set up pretty good for me. Then I took off the stock steering stabilizer and installed a Scott's stabilizer which in my experience changed the handling characteristics of the bike in a great way, but also made me change my suspension settings to make it work better for me. I can give you the settings that I'm using however as Krannie said they won't transfer from bike to bike, but it may get you closer to a good starting point and you can do further adjustments from there.
  3. hondamoto74

    San Felipe 250 questions

    I'm assuming that they do this at pre tech? Any idea as to where or when this is?
  4. hondamoto74

    San Felipe 250 questions

    Thank you. I was able to get in touch with one of the tech guys at score and they verified the kill switch question I had. I'm gonna be going through my bike over the next week or so and getting everything prepped and squared away. I was told that there would be a pre tech to have the bike looked at so I am going to try to get down to that however I cannot find when and where the pre tech will be. I have been having difficulty in finding out the entry fee a mount as well as obtaining a score membership. Has anyone else had issues navigating the score website or is this just me?
  5. hondamoto74

    San Felipe 250 questions

    Well shoot that may put a wrench in my plans haha
  6. hondamoto74

    San Felipe 250 questions

    Hi everyone. Ok so myself and two other people are going to be doing the San Felipe 250 this year for the first time. We will be doing the sportsman over class on a crf450x. Going through the rule book I ran into something I'm not sure of. In Regards to cr16 ignition: it says that the vehicle needs a positive action on-off switch. Does this mean that I need to wire in an on off switch or does the electric start / kick starter and a kill switch meet this requirement? Any help would be greatly appreciated -Ryan
  7. hondamoto74

    2012 CRF250R Rims/Wheels for use on a 2009 CRF450X?

    Also the rear wheel on a 450x is a 18 inch while the rear wheel on a 250r is a 19inch. That's not to say that is wouldn't work but I believe the reason that the 18 went on the 450x was to create a smoother ride and to lessen the chance of getting flats from hitting rocks. I have a 2008 crf450x with 450R rims and axels on the front and it works fine but I don't use the odometer on my bike anymore so there is a spacer on the front axel to take up space where the odometer housing was.
  8. hondamoto74

    looking at buying a crf250r

    I have a 2004 crf and I did have the valves go out on me after a lot of riding. I did a valve job and a top end at the same time and the bike runs super strong. As long as you are good with cleaning the air filter and keeping your air box clean in general you wont have a problem. The newer bikes are for sure better but if you are looking for a good fun bike that will be great for track and tight trails then a used one will be great for you, just keep your maintenance schedule in check.
  9. hondamoto74

    Cianciarulo Turns Pro

    I'll be interested to see what happens in Hangtown, but I don't think we will be seeing him on the podium for a while, I'm thinking maybe top 10 at best. I've watched him race in some local races and he is crazy fast and super talented but I don't think he has podium speed just yet. Should be a good race
  10. hondamoto74

    Anything I should look out for on a 2004 CRF250R

    I had an '04 a few years ago and absolutly loved it. I soldit and and bought a 08 crf450x and missed the bike so much that I bought another 04 250r just recently. You are right on the valves, I put new valves in my old one when i did a top end on it, but I only did it because I was already tearing the bike apart. Other then that the only issue I ever had with the bike was the right crank seal went bad on me, The pink tube near the cs sprocket kept filling up with oil and after I changed the right crank seal it was good to go. Its a great bike I say go for it
  11. hondamoto74

    Picking up a 08 450x - questions

    I have always ran 1qt in the tranny side and I have never had a problem. I've been using the honda sythetic oil since I bought the bike new in 08
  12. Heres my ride. 2005 Toyota tundra. With the 08 450x in the back
  13. hondamoto74

    Handguards- what do you think?

    Acerbis makes a set of flag style hand guards that are vented and come with an attachment thats bolts on to close off the vents and makes the handguards bigger.
  14. hondamoto74

    My 2011 RM-Z250

    Nice man!! Thats a really nice looking bike!
  15. hondamoto74

    Who has the nicest Honda?

    Man there are some nice rides on this thread!!! Here is my 08 450x