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  1. SUZUKI122

    favorite picture

    haha thanks barnes603..lookin good your self... wheres that at?
  2. SUZUKI122

    favorite picture

    HERES A FEW OF ME... http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d190/SUZUKI122/box1.jpg http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d190/SUZUKI122/newpicccccccs.jpg http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d190/SUZUKI122/120405-0258.jpg and this one looks pretty cool...
  3. SUZUKI122

    Wooohoo 16 in 2 days....

    &%$#@!...are you kidding me your so lucky to live way out there...dude ill have my license real soon...
  4. SUZUKI122

    Wooohoo 16 in 2 days....

    hahaha thats cool....drivers license???
  5. SUZUKI122

    Nico Izzi goes big!!!

    thats weak... i did a jump like that at racetown.... so whats up nick? racing?
  6. ***that ......... atleast dont say its crazy...
  7. SUZUKI122

    Railing Corners

    man i want to hit that fat step up...lookin good there on the gas yeah where do you live in socal???
  8. SUZUKI122

    crazy crash

    ewwww that was nasty....is he ok?
  9. SUZUKI122

    Railing Corners

    no... i want to so bad though..how is it??? i always see it when i go to racetown...herd good things about it... heres another pic... http://photobucket.com/albums/d190/SUZUKI122/?action=view&current=120405-0282.jpg
  10. SUZUKI122

    Railing Corners

    heres me at cahuilla creek... that track is the best... http://photobucket.com/albums/d190/SUZUKI122/?action=view&current=120405-0258.jpg
  11. SUZUKI122

    stewart 125 big jump vid, anyone have it?

    oh yeah that one night at that one track!be a little more specific and i could help track?race?
  12. SUZUKI122


    EBAY "pit bike" i got a chinese knock off add its way sick.. your a little to big for an 85 try a 150f
  13. SUZUKI122

    Elsinore Jump - Picture Share

    way sick...I see your representing for the kings .Are you guys going to go to the awards banquet for S.R.A.... LIL-B and B-dub