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  1. i need a new complete rear wheel for my cr250, i'm curious if i can buy a crf450 wheel and use that, will it fit?
  2. matt113

    2-Stroke woods bike questions....???

    my 250 is set up for woods and it's a great bike.. you really only need to do the top-end once maybe twice a year.. just clean the air-filter every ride and keep the oil fresh and you'll have no problems
  3. matt113

    Help Rear Wheel

    a shop told me $65 to lace my rear wheel?? is that a good deal??
  4. matt113

    How long can premix sit?

    it's fine.. i let my cr sit for like 2 months with gas in it.. started it up and it ran great
  5. matt113

    Riding through water

    i'd say just hit it as fast as possible.. that way you'll have alot better balance, just keep up your momentum
  6. matt113

    Riding through water

    is the bottom somewhat smooth or very jagged? if it's somewhat smooth i would say try to just fly through it. it's alot easier to balance with more inertia.
  7. matt113

    engine brake

    my 01 250 has pretty good engine braking.. it seems kinda strange that it would speed up or even feel that way
  8. matt113

    Clutchless gear changing.

    i use a clutch unless im in a sticky situation but i usually just use it by habbit.. its not bad if you dont use it though
  9. thats the best documentary I've seen
  10. matt113

    best 250 2 stroke yrs 1997-03

    you need an 02 or older to get a green sticker. id sugest an 01 cr250. i have one and they're well known to be probably the best cr250 ever made
  11. matt113

    Factory Tracks

  12. matt113

    torque specs for an 01 250

    i cant the torque wrench on two of the bolts for the base so i guess ill just make them tight thanks
  13. matt113

    torque specs for an 01 250

    im putting my new top-end on and i was wondering if anyone had torque specs for the nuts that go on the studs.. or should i just make it tight:excuseme:
  14. matt113

    does my bike have an exhaust bridge? 01 cr250

    thanks.. after looking at it for awhile i decided it didnt have it. i just wanted to be sure though