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  1. yamahacrazy_310

    straddleline orv park

    Oh, one more question. Last year they did something kinda cool, when they would do sessions ( little bike, big bike, and quad) they would start it off by dropping the gate. Any chance on doing that this year to?
  2. yamahacrazy_310

    straddleline orv park

    So when is the first open practice weekend? And are you going to use the same website that they have always used or are you going to use a different one?
  3. yamahacrazy_310

    2010 Shelton Valley Enduro, Beginners Enduro and Riding School.

    This year will be my first "timekeeper" for the past couple years I have been riding a lot less tack and more trails. So even tho I don't know what a timekeeper race is, I'm doing it and can't wait.
  4. Thanks for the new screen saver:thumbsup:
  5. yamahacrazy_310

    Another 10 YZ450F Vid

    Its no longer a want, its a need!!!!!!!!!
  6. yamahacrazy_310

    10 yz450f tech video

    I don't even have my Honda paid off, but I'm getting one.
  7. yamahacrazy_310

    10 yz450f tech video

    Me want. Me want. Me want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. yamahacrazy_310

    Any Photos From Smuggler Poker Run?

    I saw some people taking pictures but I can't get on the Tacoma Trail Cruisers web site.
  9. yamahacrazy_310

    Fathers Day

    That music was epic!!!!!
  10. yamahacrazy_310

    Fathers day poker run @ Little Naches

    I will be there, 32 miles is perfect, since my bike ran out of gas at mile 35 at the Shelton poker run.
  11. :banghead:I-5:banghead: At least it wasn't a mud race this year. The lites race was kinda boring, but how was the 450 main boring? That was a kick ass race.
  12. When RV crossed the finish line the crowd went crazy. And then on the way back to the truck everyone was yelling out his name. So stoked for him to win it. Kinda pissed J-law wasnt racing, but you cant always get what you want.
  13. yamahacrazy_310

    post pics of your white 06-09 450s!

    I just did the frame
  14. yamahacrazy_310

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    Just got it done yesterday.
  15. yamahacrazy_310

    Did He Actually Think..