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  1. scottiesei

    bithlo helmet cam from today 11-9

    That was worst case scenario, the Honda suspension must rock!
  2. scottiesei

    new mx track by live oak, fl.

    That place looks piiiiiimp. A little far for me though....
  3. scottiesei

    Who's going where, 22nd/23rd?????

    Mike and I are going to go to Bithlo on Sunday.
  4. scottiesei

    Bithlo Saturday 12/15

    Weather was pretty good, only a few showers, before 2 that is.
  5. scottiesei

    Bithlo Saturday 12/15

    Ha, actually I am still considering going for Stuarday morning practice b4 the race. I have something else going on Sunday or I would ride then. Maybe next time
  6. scottiesei

    Bithlo Saturday 12/15

    Aw, pluck......that screws my whole weekend up! Maybe Friday night now.....
  7. scottiesei

    Bithlo Saturday 12/15

    I would like to ride
  8. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    Oops, I bailed....going Tuesday night instead
  9. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    Call me in the a.m. Don't forget the Scott GC!
  10. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    R u going tomorrow?
  11. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    How ghey, we can't even type *** anymore.....
  12. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    *** Carl, thanks for the heads up. I wanted to go yesturday but didn't think anyone else would be going. What time did you go?
  13. scottiesei

    Bithlo Sun. 12/9

    Highly likely....
  14. scottiesei

    Waldo 11/25

    So far Mike, Carl and myself going. Need to practice for FTR race next weekend!
  15. scottiesei

    Reddick FTR 11/11

    Yup, that was me. I had a garbage day though, over jumped the finsih line table first moto (you probably heard it) and had to ride the rest of the day in pain. Hopefully do better at Waldo.