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  1. ironram


    its in the classifieds also this was just a heads up
  2. ironram


    might consider an oversize tank as part of a trade? need for an 09 txc 450
  3. ironram


    come on guy's my lost ur gain it dont do me any good it's for 04-07 250-510 50mm forks Tc Te Txc Sm under bar mount paid 425 but im takeing offers so let me know
  4. ironram

    planning a Moab trip soon....

    i wish i would of known earlier i would go but were headn there next fri the 12th and weather looks promising so we'll see let you know how the weather was when i get back and will be doing this trip atleast 2 more times this summer
  5. ironram

    decompressopr problem

    did you check the spring at the end of cable where it hooks to the engine
  6. ironram

    in a snow bank under a tarp 200.00

    sweet deal and find have fun with it
  7. ironram


    sorry guy's somone pm'd me a few weeks back on my dampner with an offer i deleted the pm and dont remember who it was please get back to me with your offer so i know it was you thanks
  8. ironram


    any body i need to know so i can order the last part for my new bike that is not here yet.
  9. ironram


    09 txc come with 1 1/8 bars correct
  10. ironram


    have any of you ever tried these http://www.tireballs.com/
  11. ironram

    New guy (to Husky)

    very nice bike. Congrats and welcome to the club.
  12. ironram

    any one know ?

    yeah thats straight BS that they would say something like, that not a good way for buisness. Im in SD and called all the above last week and ended up buying from Halls steve is a great friendly guy and it's being shipped for 300 not bad at all in my book good luck on your purchase.
  13. ironram

    New Guy - 2008 Husky TE 450

    congrats on the new bike and welcome to the better side of life. (Owning a Husky) you'll love the bike it's in a class of it's own and welcome to TT lots of info and great guy's and gals's to help you out.
  14. ironram

    motosportz dampner

    I did contact better to sell so i listed it in the classifieds let me know guy's
  15. ironram

    motosportz dampner

    so did i read what i did right? That the dampner i just bought and put on my 06 wont fit my 09 that would really suck it only has 2 rides on it. just got it and put it on 2 rides before i parked it and now i sold the bike and got an 09 and wanted to put it on the 09