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    Selling my wifes Fox V2 Pilot helmet that is in good used shape. Size Large. Worn very little, mainly trail riding. Shows some normal signs of wear but has not seen the ground. Includes a GoPro mount and the original soft carrying case. $100 shipped to the lower 48 States.


  2. Will you post your results? I am curious of this as well. Or can anyone else confirm if a shock from 2014-2017 will fit 2018?
  3. I just picked up a used 15 and am surprised by the lack of maps for this year. Is the factory map that good for both stock and aftermarket exhausts? I plan on trying the 3 maps on Yamaha's website but from what I can tell they are only for the stock exhaust. Anyone have useful maps to share for their 15?
  4. Hello all, haven't been in this section in awhile after I got my wife's RB dialed in for her. It has a Pro Moto Billet kickstand and once they become available again this year I plan to get a set of Lightspeed carbon fiber frame guards. My concern is the left frame guard will come in contact with the pivot point of the kickstand as it is tucked close to the frame/sub frame. Any thoughts or is anyone running a combination of frame guards and kickstand? Thanks!
  5. For sale: Brand new in bag red Acerbis front fender for 04-07 CR125/250 $15 shipped Used Outlaw Racing 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap in great shape $10 shipped
  6. PM'd. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, I made the jump back from 4 strokes and am trying my hand with a 05 CR250R I recently picked up. A few questions.. It came with a fair amount of extra parts I will be selling to offset bike purchase. The two main ones are a new FMF SST Pipe (not silencer) and a complete OEM Seat. What years will these all fit? I'm assuming the pipe will fit 05-07 but I can't find a clear answer on the seat, I read it could fit 125's too? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Supercross

    This guy.
  9. Sold.
  10. I apologize for this shameful plug here guys. I thought there was a thread on extended shifters already but maybe it was in another topic. Anywho.. I have a used Pro Circuit extended shifter for the 150R/RB. Been laying in my garage for too long so I'd like someone else to benefit from it. Asking $20 shipped. I believe I paid around $80 at my local dealership 3 or 4 years ago. Also feel free to start a conversation on shifters of any make/model/size
  11. Yes RM did a full refund and was great to work with. The customer service agent requested that I send them back in for her to send further upstream to the manufacturer.
  12. I would recommend blackdiamondmx.com You can contact my friend and owner of blackdiamondmx directly at brandon.schult@gmail.com He did the HRC graphics in my other post. I think Repsol would look awesome!
  13. I'm glad to hear you were just as happy as I was with it.
  14. Keep us posted. I hope you achieve the same performance!