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  1. Jeep Rider

    Alaska Riding Photos

    RockPunk, Kone - sweet sweet photos! Left AK in May to come home to Ontario to work up in the James Bay Lowlands. Scenery here is pretty interesting, but flat as... Missing it, going to be a tough winter with no mountains to play on!!
  2. Jeep Rider

    Alaska Riding Photos

    Yep, unreal photos. Skills on both fronts Cheers
  3. Jeep Rider

    Post your Stuck Pics!

    Damn, that is some seriously muddy riding. I'm not even going to put up any photos!
  4. Jeep Rider

    The sweetest YZ ever

    thats unreal. it's moments like this that ensure i never leave home without my digital camera! well written and good capture.
  5. Jeep Rider

    Single Track Trail Videos

    Funny, me too. I have been craving them for about a week Thanks for starting this.
  6. Jeep Rider

    Pics From Weekend Ride

    nice shots, that looks like a tricky face. i think most of us know the feeling when you finally conquer something you have been thinking about for a while. always better jsut to hit it, it usually works out! congrats.
  7. Jeep Rider

    I hate snow

    I'm up here in Girdwood, Alaska and believe it or not it's snowing outside as I type this! Haha. But seriously, it is. Tomorrow will be yet another pow day! Some people have already put their sleds away...suckers!
  8. Jeep Rider

    This really sucked

    HAAA HA But seriously, that guy is lucky that car is up!
  9. Jeep Rider

    Alaska Riding Photos

    I've met lots of locals who love to tell us AK is full:p , but theres tons of room for lower 48'ers and Canadians and it's bada$$ here. All you need is balls and a sense of adventure and this place is the best big boy playground in the whole world. Hands down.
  10. Jeep Rider

    Alaska Riding Photos

    Going up Skookum took us up in the shadow of Carpathian, which I think is the most awesome mountain I have seen in AK so far (up close). I am lucky to have relatives and friends up here to show me these places and deal with me getting stuck all the time! Going back to Ontario is going to suck! Don't know if you're a High Life guy but pour one out for me this summer riding your WR. I am a WR guy too. Stay safe and rip it up Carpathian in the background:
  11. Jeep Rider

    Alaska Riding Photos

    Great photos! I have been in AK since November here in Girdwood. Came up to snowmobile and snowboard and have not been disappointed! We had around 850 inches of snow fall here this winter. Unfortunately I'm heading back home this month to work, this place is amazing and I wish I had my bike and could go ride with you guys!! Not to hijack your thread but here's a photo of me after reaching 5000 feet overlooking Blackstone glacier. We rode up Skookum glacier from sea level to here in about 30 mins!! Gotta love Alaska!
  12. Jeep Rider

    free blue radiator hoses

    I'm pretty sure that electrical tape is not that great of a thermal insulator. I would be really suprised if it made any difference to the run temp. Calling him on that is just nit-picking.
  13. Jeep Rider

    cleaned the workspace today

    Nice space, whats with the anchor and cable lock?
  14. Jeep Rider

    07' WR250f in action

    Yes sweet pics. WR's are such good bikes! I can't wait to get a newer one for this season as soon I can. E-start is going to be sick, I'm over kick starting 100 times a day! Suspension is definitely a little soft for hitting huge jumps, but it sure makes enduro riding a lot nicer/easier.
  15. Nice garage!! Hell yea. Bike is sweet too...