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  1. tgillespie

    te 250vs ktm250xcwf 08

    You guys are talking me into this ,the dealer told me the te will be lower than last year ,I would like to look at one but riding one would be great ! Im' in fairfield . are any of you guys dust riders? How about the txc?
  2. tgillespie

    te 250vs ktm250xcwf 08

    That is what im' looking for ,I like racing trails and the nasty black diamond stuff, Im'wundering if the te is smoother suspension wise than the ktm. If that is the case i will go with the husky if nothing else just to drive my honda,yamaha buddies crazy! thanks for the info
  3. tgillespie

    te 250vs ktm250xcwf 08

    I have been waiting for the ktm to show up , I put a deposit on it 6 weeks ago and thy still cant tell me when it will show up! I talked to the local husky dealer today ,he showed me a picture of the 08 250 te ,it looks really nice . I dont see many huskys around so i didnt think about it until the dealer told me the details , Iv' got a01 ktm exc 200 i love this bike but on long rides it beats the hell out of me . Can you guys tell me how the 07 te is ? Imready to try something new!
  4. tgillespie

    Sears Point... back in the day

    I remember going there and watching rodger decoster race when i was about 12, standing at a corner watching then fly by !
  5. tgillespie

    Foresthill The Three's Saturday

    Iplan on being there , but at sugar pine old/gold chev pu/ttr250, what are you guys riding ,i want in on this ,i think i know the staging area .
  6. tgillespie

    Miles On A TT-R

    I bought mine used-04 250,with about 400 miles on it ,have put around 350 miles on it .bought it in september and have been ridin the snot out of it -me . scratched up ,and lookes beat but runs like a clock.
  7. tgillespie

    riding spots

    you guys are tough, the last time i was there i went to fish ,but after 10 minutes, i was ready to ditch the boat and get my bike. if i am going to ride some thing that drips ,i will get a masage
  8. tgillespie

    riding spots

    have any of you been to indian valley reservoir ? the area seems to be filled with trails.