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  1. XRJunkie

    Almost Completed The Perfect Xr650l

    Ok, I'm lost. I just sold my '02 "L" and replaced it with an '07 "R". What's the thought behind buying an "L" and coverting to kick instead of buying an "R", throwing a Baja kit on it? Just curious...
  2. XRJunkie

    best bars for my xr650r??

    I tend to run the ProTaper SE's (short for 7/8th's) as they're usually $60-70 or so and don't require buying a triple clamp. CR HI's work well for my 5'10" frame... Only I'm not sure if you can use them with a dampner though. Hmmmmm...
  3. XRJunkie

    Trying to get black rims

    Thanks! That's what I was looking for, a "turn-key" setup so I can maybe spoon some street rubber onto the stock wheels. Right now I gotta deceide between carbon fiber exhaust for my ST or black rims for the XR. I can prolly hide one, but the wife would surely notice two large holes in our checkbook... I agree, I think black rims really set a bike off. While I wouldn't be happy if the black wears off a $900 setup, I'd live with it as my bikes tend to get used. Sure, they're maintained well, but they have to earn it...
  4. XRJunkie

    Dirt bagz on XRR

    +1 on DirtBagz Just used the "Scout" on a 3 day trip and they seem to have held up well. The Scout was suggested over the "Ranger" by the owner of DirtBagz for the BRP as it hangs down less (better fitment he said). He also suggested not using the X-duffel bag as it's too big for the narrow BRP seat (said they may introduce a skinny seat version this summer). They're somewhat water resistant, but not waterproof by a long shot. I used them for tools, MRE's, spare bits, etc. that could get wet while my dry stuff went into a dry bag duffel. Also used their bolt on subframe. It seems to have held up well too. Too bad it won't work as a bolt on with any rear racks. Worth the $50-60 to me though... While not written by me (I'm Sprocket on that forum), there's a ride report here of our 500 mile trip into Mexico and back. Couple of pics of my bike, and 1 of the DirtBagz in use.
  5. XRJunkie

    Trying to get black rims

    As a reward for behaving on a 500 mile Mexico trip last week, my BRP is entitled to some new black rims (also ordering black rear fender and side panels)... Excel seem to be the most popular. I've never ran aftermarket rims before so I don't know what I need. I'm guessing rims, spokes, and hubs should be ordered pre assembled (I've no clue how to lace a wheel) and I'll just reuse my rotor. The OEM wheels will either be ebay'd or kept for motard use. Any insight would be helpful. I assume stock sizes are what I should stay with (stock tire sizes work for me). I'm also open to suggestions on where to buy etc... Thanks folks! Oh, and here's where I am now:
  6. XRJunkie

    to excel or not to excel?

    Speaking of Excel's, what is the proper parts list for a swap? Rims, spokes, rim locks, and hubs? Or, do most folks just use the stock hubs? Really considering a set but am researching pros/cons as well...
  7. XRJunkie

    little help here... starting the dam bike

    Here's the drill I was taught by another local BRP owner and it's not failed me yet: 1. Choke on but no touching the throttle. 2. Rotate kickstart until you find TDC-STOP 3. Squeeze decompression lever while rotating kickstart about 20% of it's range-STOP 4. Bring kickstart back to top. 5. Give it a solid kick. This has given me 100% 1-3 kick starts from about 35F to 75F. Stock, uncorked bike (for now). Can't say it will work for everyone, but sure works great for me. With a 32" inseam I also find it handy to have the bike leaned on the side stand. Felt weird at first, but totally normal now. Plus you learn to look for flat rocks as you stop...
  8. XRJunkie

    What's the best "RACK" for the 650R?

    More! More! More! Gimme more pics! Um, please... Post, PM, email, fax, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, whatever. I'm collecting ideas for getting a custom setup made and will take all the ideas I can get. Want to be able to carry around 20#'s safe and securely... Thanks!
  9. XRJunkie

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Just called FMF on 2/21 and was told the same. No Q4 planned for XR650R. Ever. Now I'm waivering between White Bros E2 and FMF Q2 with the Powerbomb header. Power is great, but I prefer stealth-ish power whenever possible. FMF says the header lowers noise and makes a bit more power. Not sure if it's worth $230-250, but...
  10. XRJunkie

    Part number help needed (want a challenge?)

    I'll be able to do that before handing off a kid. Can't afford the little critters. It would take too much $$$ out of my toy budget... Seems the dealer *IS* going to mail me (I'm 65 miles away) the missing bolt and a new dipstick. Seems "someone" had forced it in and bend it all to heck when filling the oil during prep. I've found 3 other large bolts that were loose, not to mention the handle bars were only finger tight (no way the torque was checked). Of course it wasn't any of the finely trained folks at the dealer. Now, the bend radiator fins are another matter. I noticed them when slipping the Clarke in place. There are many more bent on the right rad than the left as one of the fittings for the smog pump was installed incorrect and it was pressing into the fins. What's that? You didn't know all 07's have smog gear? Yep. Needless to say I'll be calling American Honda on the bent fins as the dealer doesn't seem motivated to address it. Sure it's just cosmetic, but for a $6000 dirt bike I expect better assembly quality.
  11. XRJunkie

    Part number help needed (want a challenge?)

    Duh. Never thought of that. Thanks!
  12. XRJunkie

    Part number help needed (want a challenge?)

    Thanks. Now where in the heck did you find it? I want to learn from my mistakes...
  13. Ok, XR650R. Looking at the rear fender from the back of the bike. On the left there are 2 identical bolts holding the fender in place, stacked verticaly. On the right, there is 1 that screws into the end of the subframe behind the exhaust can. Follow me? I'll owe my firstborn to anyone who can give me the correct number for that silly bolt on the right. Looking at the "REAR FENDER" fische page I *think* it's #10 "BOLT, FLANGE (6X20)" but need to know for sure. It fell out of my new '07 with less than 2 miles on it and I'm having the dealer get me one. They're trying to be cute and make me dig up the part number. Grrrrr! Thanks!
  14. XRJunkie

    650r sighting in plano tx......

    Two of 'em actually.
  15. XRJunkie

    Plug wrench help

    Seconded on the Craftsman socket idea. I used my 6 point, deep, 3/8" drive just yesterday to drop in a new plug in my "L". Part number 00944435000, $5.49 and available online from Sears at http://tinyurl.com/nbewc if your local shop doesn't have it. (happened to be on their site anyway shopping for tools)