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  1. what exactly do you mean? What did you have a question about. Let me know.
  2. Thank you very much for the suggestion I called and they gave me all the neccassary info. Thanks again.
  3. What type of ignition and where did you buy it? Also thanks for your response.
  4. Iam going to send my carb to tokyomods and I was just wondering if anyone else has done it and had a chance to try it. Does it help? Does it make a trmendous difference in the bog and hesitation? Otherwise iam about ready to sell this damn bike.
  5. Well I work at a Honda dealership and I always run Honda HP Trans Oil in the tranny and Honda HP4M the moly oil in the engine. As far as the chain goes its not the greatest, I personall would switch out the chain, a stronger chain is always good and it doesn't have the side to side movement like the stocker so it won't gouge your frame.
  6. You probably have to much crankcase pressure. Check your overflow tube. its a big pink tube that runs from the valve cover down under the carb and end right before the swingarm. To much oil can also cause this.
  7. From the sounds of everything the 06 is a piece of crap, is it? Can the bogging and hesitation problems be fixed? Whats the deal? I have an 2006, I have rode it probably three times, the bogging and hesitation I noticed, but from what I have read it gets worse every ride. I am worried about after my sixth or tenth ride what the bike is going to do. Does the tokyomod fix everything or what?