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  1. I removed the carb and checked to see if it was clean and it was very clean, so was the jet, I put the carb back on and it started right up. thanks for the help
  2. Maybe someone can help, The bike was running normally a few days ago, now it will only start with choke up, and will run for 3-6 seconds max, this is my routine, kick about 8x, it starts, sometimes throttle feels normal, other times its a lil boggy, then it just dies like someone is holding down the kill switch, I have started it over 70x over the past few days, and the same thing happens. I put in a brand new ngk plug and it is dark black at the end, not wet though. I have tried adjusting the air/fuel screw 1 and 1/2 turns out and every direction both clock and counter clockwise, so its not the air screw. The tank is half full with fresh gas. I have had the gas petcock in on and reserve, the choke in multiple positions etc etc. its not the throttle cable getting jammed either. Every half hour i use the screw at bottom of the carb to see if any gas comes out the black tube and usually about a fifth of a cup or less will come out depending how many times i got it started for a few seconds. Supposedly the carb was cleaned out, the guy that works on my bike says he cleaned it out for me and there were no problems and he did give it to me running. Please someone help! I am not really handy.... Thanks for your help
  3. adam833

    2 or 4 stroke?

    2 strokes are sooooooooo much fun, The sound, the smell, the powerband, the lightness..Its a gigantic toy! Whenever you ride a 2 stroke its always as much fun as the 1st time you rode one
  4. I have a kx250 and I am crashing all over the place..I have never ridden in soft sand and soft dirt before and I keep running into patches of sand and falling over on my side I was wondering whats the best tire for riding in this type of SOFT SAndy terrain here is a picture of the type of terrain there is, I didnt take the picture but its usually ALOTTTTTTTTT more DRYER than pictured and ALLLLLOT more Sandier..I would probably NOT be having half the problems if the track was in the condition it is as pictured These pictures are from their web site from years ago
  5. I was wondering if its safe to put a teaspoon in my gas tank of my 2000 cr250. Ever since I got the bike a few yrs ago it has a loud ticking/clicking sound, sorta like a loud valve sound or lifter tick...It runs great and lots of power and compression. I brought it to a mechanic and he told me he wasnt sure what it was but would probably cost me like 1000.00 to fix and to just ride it until it went since there was no point in opening the engine to find out if its running good. I remember using some marvel mystery oil in my car yrs ago and it did wonders, was wondering if its safe for a 2 stroke? tia
  6. If I run the vin numbers and its not stolen how hard is it in new jersey to get a title? I have read posts about other states but I am only looking for answers from people who have done it in NEW JERSEY. tia
  7. my bike is way too loud without it..lemme know tia
  8. adam833

    Is anyone else from jersey

    where is atco located?
  9. I DONT want a 4 stroke...I am looking to buy a used 2 stroke quad from 2000-2004 can anyone give me any suggestions? I am new to quads, and have a cr250 and the cr250 has plenty of power for me. So I am looking for something comparible in power, wont be racing, its just for fun in the dirt. tia