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  1. Ganggreen

    mrd- racing exhaust???

    cool, thanks!
  2. Ganggreen

    mrd- racing exhaust???

    I cannot find them. Does anyone have their web URL?
  3. Ganggreen

    Riding boots

    I switched from Alpinestar to Gaerne a couple years ago due to a sponsorship on sponsorhouse. The SG10's are really comfortable and ready to race in right out of the box. They broke down in the ankles to fast for me and I ended up going back to Alpinestar tech 10's after casing a few jumps. Its time to buy new boots again and I have received a really good sponsorship deal from Berik. I swore I would never wear anything else but Alpinestars again but they only support the Pro's and they are soooo pricie! Has anyone switched from Tech 10's to Berik OSV Pro's? Are you happy? Do you miss the bootie??? Do you mind wearing a boot with Ricky's autograph on them?