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  1. mrpescador

    Can a Lifan 70cc\E22 be converted to a 110cc?

    How about a good torque cam? Any ideas...
  2. mrpescador

    Can a Lifan 70cc\E22 be converted to a 110cc?

    Thanks for the reply! The new take-off 69mm cylinder I have fits in the spigot, so I'm good there. I ordered the 69mm cylinder studs from dratv as well as the 84 link chain. My neighbor works at a machine shop that's why I asked about milling the head. I've been told 110's only have a 9:1 comp. ratio. I'd be happy with 10:1 comp. ratio if clearance is not an issue. The piston is flat with valve reliefs. Thanks again for the advice!!!:ride:
  3. Will a china 49.5mm crank & 52.4 piston\cylinder fit in the china cases? How much can I mill of the head? Thanks!!!
  4. mrpescador

    How much for a used stock '01, DRZ 400 motor?

    I remembered the username it's been a while since I logged on. Sorry for the hassle!
  5. mrpescador

    Bar clamp for 88-99 Z50R

    Thanks, but it wont fit. Has to be made for a Z.
  6. mrpescador

    Bar clamp for 88-99 Z50R

    I have bar clamps which I run with P3s. I also have fast50 bars that wont fit cause the bars are to narrow to clamp on. ***Im looking for more a a mini bike look than a moded look.*** The P3s are to wide for me and look and feel like ape hangers on the Z imo.. I realize Zs and xr crf bar clamps are different sizes. Thanks anyway. Somethings wrong with my keyboard---
  7. Anyone got one for sale? Pic would be nice. How much with shipping to San Antonio,Tx.?
  8. mrpescador

    oil pump hole

    Is 2mm optimal cause some say 2mm may cause low oil flow the the head at idle? I've seen a range from 1.5mm to >2mm to 2mm?????
  9. mrpescador

    whats a zb honda 50 worth

    Where in Tx. are you located?
  10. Thanks Sean Pay pal sent
  11. What gearing do run with a TB88 w/racehead?
  12. mrpescador

    Stock 50

    I bought my second 50 at the age of 42!
  13. mrpescador

    Just got a Yamaha PW80

    I have a '96. Adult ridden. But I think the rings might be going bad? I don't know how to check. BTW, I installed the shock extender and added a 1"1/4 brass spacer on the shock. Works good on mild trail riding. Do you know about the exhaust restrictor?
  14. mrpescador


    Do these old bikes have any following or are they collectable? Are parts still available? How reliable are they? What are they like to ride? I like the old school dinosaur dirt bike look. Thanks, Oscar
  15. mrpescador

    What did you pay for your fifty?

    How much do you think they will sell a 70 for? I paid $350 for '93 Z50R. Not pretty but runs good.