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  1. my friend has them on his 50 and we all love them
  2. i-shock,works ,staggs and i believe elka all make rear shocks I just bolted some taller bars on and they work fine except the stock brake cable will not work.
  3. Has anyone used one on a 70 or 50 if so how did you like?
  4. as slow as a stock 50? I don't think so. I have a slight exhaust and air filter mod and an $8 sprocket and my bike is got tons of ass compared to alot of the guys I ride with on there hopped up 50's and I'm a bit of a chunk! go honda
  5. you made the right choice !
  6. 50s

    Yeah I got rid of a 200 and 100 I liked them but I love my 70! It seems like alot more people will let you ride asmall bike around ther property without as much fuss than if you wanted to rip on a big one.
  7. has anybody tried the staggs racing shock? looks good and only $139
  8. Hey yall I just thought I'd put one of my jumps on here, you can see it in my garage.Ther are three like that and aflat track.Once we are done building I will put them up in the pic forum!
  9. I did a few mods that I found on minis to the max. I cut the small nozzle intake off the stock carb breather removed the small disc attached to the screen inside,took the end cap off of my exhaust and placed small washers in betweenit and pipe and switched to a 13 tooth sprocket and I am very pleased with the performance!!
  10. 138 lbs
  11. I just got one and I like it alot! much more useable when trail riding
  12. I would like to know what size you would suggestfor rejetting my carb
  13. do you think it would run hotter with the end cap off and athrust nozzle in place of that?
  14. Just wondering if anybody knows the horsepower? and can you use the stockpipe. by the way it is for a crf70.
  15. what exactly is a thrust nozzle?Is it a different exhaust tip? What jetting is recommended? also I'm curious about them clutch weights they sound pretty cool what is the site?