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  1. quad 33 racer 23

    Stock spring rate question?

    race tech's the same too.
  2. quad 33 racer 23

    Spares ?

    a bolt kit
  3. quad 33 racer 23

    INFO: CR450 ignition case

    lightspeed makes a carbon fiber protector http://www.lightspeedperf.com/products/index.php?action=item&id=88&prevaction=category&previd=7&prevstart=0
  4. quad 33 racer 23

    Dual exaust

    BaconCRF what else have you had done to your crf to get 61hp??
  5. quad 33 racer 23

    send it out or do it myself?

    You could switch to a 2007 crf head and get the advantage of the smaller exhaust valves.
  6. http://www.maxpower-engines.com/big-bore-kits-ATV/trx542-icecube.htm if this will fit in the crf get it, 40something ft/lbs of torque should pull your weight around quite nicely
  7. quad 33 racer 23

    very serious problem!!

    Now go put something else in their, your parents will know you were up to something if the machine smells all lemony clean!
  8. quad 33 racer 23

    My new look on the 250F

    did you get your suspension moded by fc or did you just but on the sticks? If it's fc moded how do you like it and what did you have them do?
  9. quad 33 racer 23

    What are common mods to a 2006 YZ250F

    If you want more power why not just buy a yz450f
  10. quad 33 racer 23

    want a wheeler!!! what to get?

    with only $3000 to spend i don't think you are going to get a 450, i would look at a ltz400 for what you have to spend. Plus the ltz will not be that much of a disadvance in xc and you are going to have a hard enough time finding a ltz for that price.
  11. quad 33 racer 23

    Upgrade Suspension Help on my 06

  12. quad 33 racer 23

    titanium clutch springs

    hinson has them for the 450 but they are not listed for the 250f http://www.hinsonracing.com/store/product.html?prod_id=776
  13. quad 33 racer 23

    2001 yamaha yz426 decomp cable

    try looking on ebay
  14. quad 33 racer 23

    adjust cloche on cr 125

    if you don't even know how to adjust a clutch cable free play(if that's what you ment) just go buy a manual you will need it to find out how to do other stuff like top ends,etc.
  15. quad 33 racer 23

    size of rmz450's

    could someone tell me how high the seat is from the ground measured right in front of the foot pegs?