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  1. B600

    Weird thing

    Hi Weird thing happened on the way to work this morning. I've got a full unbaffled Scorpion system on my sm, which is usually pretty loud. While I was riding today the noise level suddenly dropped off to the same level as when I had the baffle in. I was cruising along nicely at about 50 and I suddenly thought I had gone deaf (which I haven't). The bike remained quiet the remaining 5 miles or so to work. It doesn't seem to have suffered a loss in performance. Has anybody any ideas what has happened? Would a fuel/air mixture change cause this and is that possible on the move? Thanks in advance.
  2. B600

    DRZ400sm forks

    Hi Just a quick question, which I hope some of you helpful guys will be able to answer. I was giving my sm a clean and took off the fork guards, no problems so far. I was just about to give the fork sliders a quick wipe with a rag when I noticed browny-black scuff marks extending downwards from the fork dust seals for about three or four inches. This extended about half way round both sliders to the front of each. I thought that some dirt had got trapped under the dust seal and been smeared along the slider with the suspension travel, however checked and clean as a whistle. I also cannot seem to get rid of these marks and I'm sure that I can feel some slight scoring with my finger. Thanks B600 I'm a bit worried that something is rubbing internally and damaging the forks. Has anybody got any ideas? It's under warrently so I presume I should take it back to the dealership.
  3. B600

    DRZ400sm Spokes

    Cheers That's what I expected. I'll just keep them bathed in corrosion inhibitor. Any idea how much respoking with stainless will cost in the uk?
  4. B600

    DRZ400sm Spokes

    Hi Could anyone tell me what the spokes on a DRZ400sm are made of? Are they stainless or plated steel? I'm trying to figure out the best way to protect them from corrosion during the horrible british winter. Thanks in advance.