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  1. satz

    98 rm250 -950$

    Is this a good deal.My first bike and i am looking at this or a kx250 97 . kx250 is a avg condition the rm250 on the other hand descp Needs new rings, new rear tire,new clutch, some scrathes from trail riding,small crack on plastic which is a better deal or i am 6 3,250 will this fit a big guy/w progressive springs and rear spring.my first dirt bike and i have about 100k street miles in the last 5 yr.no dirt riding exp.
  2. satz

    97kx250 for a first bike

    I forgot to add i do all the work on my bikes. first mod will be progressive springs for the front and a rear spring upgrade and a rebuilt. my fz1 is stock except for suspension mods. Ihave learned the truth about riding suspension upgrades >>>>> power upgrades
  3. Hi Guys, I found a kx250 a 97 which is running and is decent using condition for a new user like me. I am 6 3 ,250 lbs so the first question is will the bike fit me. This will be me first foray into the dirt. some back ground. I started riding in india on 100cc street bikes at 16 and now live south of boston .I returned to riding in 2002 and after MSF got a licence and got me a bandit 1200.Put 48,000 on this used 99 before it just gave up.I brought it after a crash and frame was tweaked and i ran out of replacing rear shocks. Moved to a vstrom 1000 and after having a near heart attack on off rouding on a1000 cc vtwin i am on a fz1.I have done track days on it and go on long rides.I have over 100,000 miles on the street...love touring on SPORT-touring bikes. Last year i picked up a kx80 for my brother in law who is 12 for 600$ and rebuilt the clutch[with a manual and over 4 weeks painfully ,slow as i never done anything like this].I am getting in as my wife is pregnant and i have to stay closer to home and trails are down the street. what i am looking for is get a ktm950 or bmw 1200s in a few years and do some adventure riding . thanks for the input satz
  4. satz

    Clutch Question

    Filer looks bad might replace it ,it needs a new chain and sprocket . Kickstarter has resistance actually quiet a bit it is hard to kick if one is not in possition.It starts up 1st or 2nd kick . I am fixing the clutch and then teach him how to ride and fix the other items one by one. clutch basket grooves need help ?
  5. satz

    Clutch Question

    Can some help with this groove thing or where to look for it. the clutch steel plates have made some minor groves on the cup thing which goes which the clutch nut was holding.i already filed it smooth.but on the clutch basket where should i check for grooves
  6. satz

    What clutch is in my bike?

    damn wrong thread ....
  7. I asked the same question and no one helped ...i have a non working clutch kx80 and i am putting in new plates,fiber plates and springs.was stuck at the same bolt. after trying for a few days i had my brother in law hold a screw driver in the teeth ,locked the front again a wall and then stepped on the rear to keep it from moving. then put some muscle and it moved
  8. satz

    Clutch Question

    how does 1 check compression and condition of top end.other than clutch the bike runs good when i power shifted. I have put 100k on street bikes in the last 5 yrs but this is myfirst dirt venture. once fixed i am picking up another 250 for me to ride with him.
  9. satz

    Clutch Question

    I picked up a kx80 1996 with no clutch cable ...i was suckered in for 650$. the engine ran and the transmission power shifts. anyway , removed the clutch and notice the spring and the stack height is low.so ordered the whole clutch kit springs ,plates and spring kit .as i am waiting on it was wondering what are the other things i should check ?. kickstarter works as i can start and ride it with powershifts....this is a gift for my 12 yr old brother in law....
  10. I never worked on clutches before but as i picked up a 96 kx80 for 600$ with clutch not working i thought i could do it with the manual. you guessed it i am stuck and need help. I removed the crankcase cover and got the pusher and bearing out.By locking the wheels i took the 5 bolts and the plate on top of the 5 springs. now the center bolt or nut will not budge any ideas ? . the the shaft where the cable connects from the outside which rotates when one uses the clutch does not work now.the manual is saying if this does not happen then the clutch springs might have worn off so replace.am i close to being right>?
  11. satz

    New Member

    I found a klr650 for 1600$ near by what do you all think
  12. Hi, I was referred to this site by members in maximum suzuki.I have around 100k on street bikes.Never have ridden off road atleast not intentionaly.This year i brought a vstrom and things suddenly changed i was chasing all the unpaved roads and fireroads. Anyway,after a few close calls i have sold the strom and decide to get something a little more dirt oriented to let me explore with out crashing a 8k bike.so i am here. I am planning to get a used bike to learn dirt or dual sporting - pls some explain the difference I am 6 3 ,240 so what bikes should i look at. I am looking in my craiglist and ebay for a dually - all advices are welcome. satish