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  1. karmataburn

    2013 Baja 500 Drawing results

    Please check with SCORE on the rules regarding entering back into the USA by air without a passport. I know the rules are a lot more strict and would hate for anyone to be hurt and not transported quickly because they did not have a passport on them.
  2. karmataburn

    Chilly's Baja 1000 Preview

    Nice work Chilly. This is going to be a good one.
  3. karmataburn

    BAJA 1000 photographer wanted

    Times like these make the drive to La Paz seem like nothing. I am way to irresponsible to even think I could make it through contingency with my brain in tact when a party like that is going down.
  4. karmataburn

    BAJA 1000 photographer wanted

    Damn it wasn't Justin that got hurt is it? Hopefully some one will step up and cover this area. Scotty have you talked to Jacob Gonzo?
  5. karmataburn

    2012 Baja 1K - Course Questions

    From the map it looks like you are coming down the Powerline Road. I read on Facebook from a local guy in San Felipe that the course does not go by the Arches but stays out aways, away from town. SCORE will release the GPS file for the upper 200 miles in the next few weeks. As for the new section down south your guess is as good as mine. Good luck on your solo effort!!!
  6. karmataburn

    Baja Security Issues, Crime, Violence And Warning Bulletins

    What did you guys do Scotty? Did you make fun of the flames on this guys back pockets?
  7. karmataburn

    JCR - THR - KTM: Who will ride off with the 1x plate?

    From what I heard Kawasaki have had problems with their lights at the last 2 1000's. If they can get those issues worked out I can see them pulling it off. All three of the big teams have there stong and weak points. I think this race is going to come down to who manages the problems that arise the best, or the team that has a perfect run. Also Class 21 is looking to have a pretty serious 3 way battle between Oneal, Pancho and Prieto. It sounds like Prieto and Yorba may be getting some help from KTM. I predict Oneal's team taking the class win and placing very well overall.
  8. karmataburn

    2012 Baja 1000 Pit Teams

    Pro MC/ATV $3020 Sportsman $1900. I forget what we paid last year but I do have to say that we had a rider on my team injured at the 2010 Baja 500. The level of care and support we got from SCORE made the entry fees seem cheap.
  9. karmataburn

    - Too Early Yet?

    Pretty interesting I was just reading the expanded entry list and it looks like Johnny Campbell is racing on the 400x bike of Jeff Kaplan. It is going to be cool to see Johnny racing in Baja again.
  10. I see a rather large Hot Dog in the first picture. Do I dare ask where it ended up?
  11. karmataburn

    - Too Early Yet?

    Bahhhh I owe you a beer ok 2.
  12. karmataburn

    - Too Early Yet?

    I am betting it will be a motorcycle that wins class 22 and that is that, any takers?? I will even give 2/1 odds.
  13. karmataburn

    Class Warfare- 2012 BAJA 500 Preview

    Great write up Scotty things are getting excited. The coolest part is Gerardo Rojas getting on the 2x I have met him a few times while riding in Baja. He is a super nice guy and a class act. What happened to Jonah? I think Coma will do well but the real battle will be between THR and JCR. I hope I am wrong but there just seems to be to many uncertains for KTM at the moment to pull off another win.
  14. karmataburn

    - Too Early Yet?

    I can back Cracker's info on Jim Oneal. Last year at the 500 I saw him get on the bike at Mikes Driveway and haul ass down the road!!
  15. karmataburn

    - Too Early Yet?

    Whew thanks for clearing that one up LOL.