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  1. sanjoh

    Quieting the uncorked pig?

    Saw this over on ADV
  2. Just sold my 00 XRR, decided not to use it as a medium distance, bought an L for that. Had the seat modified by Spencer's - this was a major improvement 200+mile days no problem. Clarke tank:thumbsup: Couldn't get past the kicker, oil change intervals, small oil quantity and possibility of running it out of oil somewhere in BFE. The L doesn't have the bling factor nor the HP but it will do nearly everything the R will do at a slower pace and with right jockey.
  3. sanjoh

    LED Turn Signal Issue

    I tried the Tridon EL12 2 prong electronic flasher, left or ride side stayed on with no blink:banghead:. Will try the 552. The blinkers are some of the brightest I've seen. Amber leds that will blind you from under 10'.
  4. sanjoh

    LED Turn Signal Issue

    Searched and couldn't find the answer:foul: XR650L blinkers removed by po. LED blinkers installed with led flasher (motrax) Turn signal indicator bulb removed Left blinkers (f/r) light, right blinkers (f/r) light, however still no flash on either. Cleaned turn signal switch on handlebar, same issue no flash:banghead: . Any other suggestions for troubleshooting?
  5. What model Maier screen is that? How about a link to purchase.
  6. sanjoh

    Going British... XRL for a Triumph Tiger

    Check www.tigertriple.com for info on the tiger. 60k is a few miles, if it has good maintenance records, I would not be concerned. I just turned 46k on my 01 tiger. Did 10k on this years summer adventure with no problems. What I like about the tiger is the long distance capability and still be able to get off road. Near Rocky Mountain National Park What year is the tiger?
  7. sanjoh

    I Keep Losing the Front End

    I ride sand with the pig and the only way to get it to turn is with power. You are not using enough throttle.
  8. sanjoh

    Rear Bearing Seal

    Thanks. I have a XR650R also and the rear hub has a seal in it. Has anyone adapted a rubber seal to the L, the design looks to allow a lot more dirt, water, etc into the hub. The steel spacer did not get along well with the al bearing retainer:bonk:
  9. sanjoh

    Rear Bearing Seal

    Just picked up a 2000 XR650L. I went to change the rear bearing seals and found this chunk of aluminum! It doesn't look stock, can anyone provide some info? thanks, John
  10. sanjoh

    finaly got 650r on dyno

    Now all U need r knobbies for the gixr
  11. sanjoh

    Cheap foot pegs for 650R

    +1 on the Tusk, great value.
  12. sanjoh

    better handles????????

    xr650rkyle Did you have to change the cables after all this?
  13. sanjoh

    Max Temp 650R

    Vapor on my XRR has recorder max at 239 in central FL heat at slow speed in tight woods.
  14. sanjoh

    XR650R Water temp

    Tight woods <10mph 225-240 Open trail 20-30 190-200