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    Hi Score on the WeirdChit'O'Meter

    OK, so I'm moving forward on this but I'm still confused. The two wires to the AC reg under the tank are the output wires. In the absence of any more I grafted two in temporarily from the alternator output to the two spare terminals. Hey presto we have regulated AC. So... the whole bike is now AC regulated and I'm still getting 13.5v out of my DC circuit. Why do you suppose I'm reading 6v AC at the headlight ? and why does the AC regulator have its input wires missing ? I may write a manual when I get done. TIA Mik
  2. Mik_XR400

    Hi Score on the WeirdChit'O'Meter

    OK, so Ive searched a bit and found some answers. It appears that the lighting circuits are separate and that the headlight runs on ac. The regulator/rectifier by the headlamp is UK common as the spare I bought was in the same place. Could the device underneath be an AC regulator ? if so why are there only two wires attached (Pink & White/yellow IIRC) If It isnt an AC reg what restricts the power. TIA Mik
  3. I recently bought a 96 XR400 which has not been registered for road use. I'm at the back end of all the little fixits and fitted the headlamp yesterday. Sidelights - Check, Brake lights - Check, Dipped beam - POP, Main Beam - POP. So exchange regulator, new bulb POP, POP. FFS! Meter tells me 13V DC Tail and Brake Lights , 20-40V AC Headlight My Haynes manual doesnt have a diagram which includes dippable headlight or brake lights so its useless. It would seem that my headlamp feed is unregulated but how can that be when the brake and sideights are fine ? The regulator I have has a piggyback capacator and fits behind the headlamp. On removing the tank I find another regulator on the frame behind the coil. This one has only two wires coming out of the loom to it yet its a four wire device. Unplugging it changed nothing Is there a better diagram that I can refer to on line ? Any help would be appreciated Mik