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  1. ahm1127

    Pilot Jet HELP!

    The main jet & the pilot jet must be tight, there is no adjustment unless you buy another size. There are other adjstments but we dont kn ow what youve done to your bike? goodluck
  2. ahm1127

    carb question honda xr650l 2003

    You didnt need the jet kit, Daves mods work excellent. Do as they describe and start w/ the smaller jets and work your way up. Goodluck & enjoy
  3. ahm1127

    Stupid Honda

    I hardly rode in 06' due to HONDA Dealership in NY. The engine started w/ a loud knocking noise at all RPM's, made appointment w/dealership. They had the bike for almost 2 weeks and i called them up to see what they replaced since stupid me got the warranty. They said they didnt hear anything (noise came and went). I offered to pay for them to open the engine if they didn't find anything and they refused, told me to keep riding the bike and bring it back if it did it again. After the 4th time bringing it back they rebuilt motor (took 3 months) because it finally wouldnt run. The sleeve came loose in the cylinder and was slaming into the head. Destroyed hole top end of motor. HONDA made me pay for piston and rings because it was a wearable part? Happen to anybody else? They also bashed muffler w/hammer to get better angle to remove broken bolt in new muffler, instead of just removing it, never completed. HONDA said the dealership said they didnt do it and to take care of it myself:excuseme: