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  1. JJHayesIII

    99 Wr 400 rebuild opinions appreciated.

    haha...yea, no rush, right! It's been a long time at this point, but now that it's been mentioned, you may want to look into the balancer gear as well, that sounds familiar... Here's an excerpt from one of my earlier posts...may want to do the research on the Luke's kit while you're at it:
  2. JJHayesIII

    99 Wr 400 rebuild opinions appreciated.

    I used the crank assembly from the 426, which is what you'll need if you're using the 426 piston as well...if you go that route, you'll also need to change out that keyed gear for a splined gear... I did Hot Cams as well...don't know what my sprockets are off-hand, and I'm using Avon Gripsters for street rubber, that are great....
  3. JJHayesIII

    Hot Cams for WR426?

    This is the one I got: http://www.hotcamsinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cProducts.view&productid=488
  4. JJHayesIII

    Broken Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket!

    exactly what I ended up doing....it was only $50 or so, but seriously....
  5. JJHayesIII

    WR400 Rebuild

    congrats on a successful rebuild! Glad you got around to taking all the pictures I forgot to...brings back lots of memories
  6. JJHayesIII

    99 WR caliper spacer?

    I'm assuming you already got this sorted, but in any case.... You'll have to figure out what the diameter of the rotor is, or what the bracket you have was made for. So far, I'm aware of 270mm, 280mm, and 320mm kits made for the WR. There are two types of mounting brackets you can use. One, which replaces the actual caliper bracket that's part of the stock caliper. The other is an adapter bracket that will go in between your stock caliper mount and the fork caliper mount. I've heard the best solution (from a supermoto standpoint) is to use the EBC Supermoto 320mm disc with the EBC caliper mount from the honda...this will be a 1-piece solution, as opposed to the standard 2pc offered by EBC. I was under the impression that the front brake disc diameter was the same for the 400 and 426, so the caliper mount will be interchangeable, but still won't help if your stock one doesn't fit the disc that's on there...
  7. JJHayesIII

    I need a stock front caliper bracket

    bump...I need one now, to replace the aftermarket one my bike came with...
  8. JJHayesIII

    Broken Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket!

    anyone come up with another solution to this yet? eBay prices seem to be a bit steep right about now....
  9. JJHayesIII

    Compression Lock

    The symptom sounds somewhat similar to what was happening when my big-end rod bearing was freezing. Are you sure it's happening at TDC every time? Also, are you sure your decomp lever is adjusted properly? Hope it's as simple as that...
  10. JJHayesIII

    426 Conversion

    I needed to rebuild anyways, so it was a pretty easy decision to go with the 426 parts. I don't know if you're aware or not, but in order to convert, you'll need to change out the con rod to fit the 426 piston... The power is definitely noticeable, but not a drastic change...I also installed a set of HotCams when I was in there, so that accounted for some oomph as well... If I were to do it over again, I'd send my cylinder to Luke's, order the 444 kit for the top end (barely, if at all, more expensive than stock parts), and replace the crank assembly with an OEM 426 piece (con rod has a stronger small end bearing, driven gear is splined)....
  11. JJHayesIII

    426 Conversion

    I did...haven't had any problems yet...runs kinda hot I guess, but only in city/stop and go situations...probably not any worse than the stock 400 (only had mine for a brief time before converting)
  12. JJHayesIII

    Yamaha part numbers -- WR400 -> 426 Conversion

    I don't know the answer for sure, but the assumption I made going in was that it was just an updated part, so sometimes when you try to order the 2001 part #, they'll automatically replace it with the 2002 #, since it was originally the same part, but has been revised....
  13. JJHayesIII

    Engine seized in 5th..

    Time to take it apart...do a search on my username to see how it went for me...I also decided to move to the 426 parts.... Post up your progress, I'm sure some of the guys here will be able to help...
  14. JJHayesIII

    So I bought a 426 top-end for my WR400 99...

    That's correct...I recently did the conversion as well, but instead of just doing the con rod, I got a whole new 426 crank assembly, which required a couple of other things to work as well, but I figured the updated part numbers were worth the trouble (elminated the woodruff key on one of the gears)
  15. JJHayesIII

    Hotcams,do One Or Both?

    I chose to do both on my WR400. My decision was based on the fact that I really just wanted the auto-decomp, but figured, while I was doing it, I wouldn't hurt anything by installing the intake (and should hopefully gain)... It runs MUCH better than it did before the cams, but it was definitely in a poor state of tune before then as well.