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  1. boyonblue52

    Throttle Hesistation on an 07 crf 150

    My buddy just bought a new crf 150 and he broke it in like you should but when you crack the throttle really quick it bogg's and hesistates. It even does this after getting warmed up and run around....nothing has been changed on the bike from dealer. Little help for the kid?
  2. boyonblue52

    SPoke question

    I just got my wheel tuned on my bike and all the spokes are like a differemt tone when you take a wrench to it. I know the every 3 spoke rule and everything buut what is the best way in this case?
  3. boyonblue52

    Spoke problems on a 450

    nah the bearings seem to be in great shape i mean its only got 17 hours on it of easy little jump riding and the guy i bought it from who put 5 hrs of riding around his house with no jumps lubed them up before he sold it to use with full matinense. So they are good.....im taking it to my local honda dealer and they are doing it for me sat. unlike yamaha who cant promise to have it done. Not to really rip on them or anything.
  4. boyonblue52

    Spoke problems on a 450

    Yeah always keep them tight i just never had done them right i guess. Never had a problems till now though. The other thing i wanted to ask is would a out of true wheel effect the rotor? I would think thats all in the hub which isnt bent because ive never crashed with this bike but one time and the tire never took the hit.
  5. boyonblue52

    Spoke problems on a 450

    I ahve a 2003 yz450f and just yesterday after washing and preping my bike for this weekends race i noticed when i spun the wheel that the rotor would go up then down at a certain point. Then i watched my tire and it seemed to drop down almost and to the right. I am having my wheel tuned today after school. Thats what yamaha thinks is wrong because i havnt had any crashes except the one where i bent my sub-frame and the wheel never hit the ground hard when that happened. Do you all agree with yamaha? Plus i was doing the spokes wrong?.
  6. I have a all stock 2003 Yz450f and want to somtime soon put a slip on soon. I was thinking about the Two Brothers M-7 Slip on. Looks sweet and have heard some good things. Im looking to spend about 350 bucks at most. What do you all think?
  7. boyonblue52

    Brand New 06 YZ450F Backfiring

    play with your jetting first before upgrading
  8. boyonblue52

    about that noise issue...

    You tell um!
  9. boyonblue52

    250 burin oil

    My freind has a 2006 Rmz250 and he said that his is burning oil because he says after every ride he is low on oil....i told him to check it when its cold. HE bought it used from a guy that rode it a lot but never raced it. Im not familair with this bike so?.?,.? what could it be exactly....i know like rings could be shot and the other ovious problems
  10. boyonblue52

    03 YZ450F Crank Problems

    My friend threw his rod bearing in his o3 yz450f one day while riding. Kept up on all his check ups and one day she just went. Maybe this helps you with an idea?!?!?!
  11. boyonblue52

    Chain Hitting Tire STILL WITH A NEW CHAIN

    Why would i not want to measure the chain....like what do u mean?...sorry a little confused
  12. boyonblue52

    Bike won't idle or start without choke... HELP

    HAHA thanks and i agree with Fastest1
  13. boyonblue52

    Bike won't idle or start without choke... HELP

    Try your idle screw....if it dies right away it seems its way too low so read up in your manual and try and adjust it correctly. If that doesnt work there could be an assortmant of things
  14. boyonblue52

    Chain Hitting Tire STILL WITH A NEW CHAIN

    When i did tighten my chain i did measure from the rear axle to the swing arm axle and they were both equal.....and on the chain its about 1 3/4 but i couldnt tell you right now exactly because im in computer Apps.....haha....and its the stock tire which i believe is 110 somthin somthin.....so whatever comes stock on the bike....also i did not replace the sprokets there in good shape and since my other chain i guess isnt shot ill put that one on again so that they will fit well. Also ill check the sproket it looked good yesterday on correctness........Also none of the guides would effext this.....when i lift the chain off the swing arm and move it inward it touches just a little on the tire and you can see where it is touching.....if i knew how to get some pictures i would get some for ya...if someone can show me how to ill get some for ya ASAP
  15. boyonblue52

    Chain Hitting Tire STILL WITH A NEW CHAIN

    To kid on 426 it has the stock tire on it and it is thwe standerd chain....u can seee on the tires outter knobbys that it is chetching but after i took off my wheel and re did my spokes as best i could it was a tad better. The bike it all stock......i have a race this weekend and i dont have the time to order a o ring if you think it iwlll help??? anD TO yak what do you mean by dish? thanks